About Me

 My name is Ker Yi. 
I am the eldest of 3 siblings

The inspiration for my blog name came from my own name
---Ker Yi---

Ker Yi is the Chinese pronunciation for can
(Can for "I can do it", not the coke can)
Boleh is the Malay pronunciation for can
Hence, keryicanboleh was formed=D

  Just finished my final year of university and I got myself a
 Bachelor's degree in Psychology at HELP University

Have a strong passion for 
fashion, food, people, the environment and of course my family

My mission is to bring smiles and laughter to people, 
I hope to give people that through my writing=D

Read my blog to know more about me
You be the judge!
You can check this post to know little things about me
If you like my materials, do share it with your friends
If you have any topic suggestions, 
do contact me through email at 

For now, have a good read=D 

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