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Hydra Quench Aesthetics Treatment by Clinic MF

Hello my dearies =D

I missed you all!

Missed me? =P

How has 2015 been for you all?

I trust that it has been good.

Still a few more months left
lets set the tone for the rest of this awesome 2015!

So, we all can make the decision right now to make our year be a great one =)


Well, moving on to the topic of the day.

Of Girls…Skin…Hydration…Beauty

Yes boys, this is a girly post

But you boys better stay on,
Plenty of general knowledge about girls to be learned =P


The cause of all horrors for our skin!

                             Hydrated skin                                                                      Dehydrated Skin

The skin while hydrated is soft and bouncy…

So lovely and youthful
“Ahhh… Thinking about soft bouncy supple skin”


The skin deprived of water…
"Oh so dried and wrinkles"

“Some how I am imagining a witch”


So how does our skin get dehydrated?
What causes our skin to lose its youthfulness?


The weather and the environment

You will have to agree with me that our weather is crazy nowadays,
So unpredictable.
(What a dramatic picture =P)

Even though we do not have winter and extremely dry weather,
The scorching hot sun and the hazy environment are all contributors to
dehydrating our skin.  


Our lifestyle

I believe in our current time, stress is something that we cannot run away from.
It will somehow find ways to creep into our lives.

The increase of stress is taxing on our body.

Lack of sleep
Sleep is such a luxury nowadays.
I myself am severely lacking in this.

Having enough rest is important as during sleep,
our bodies recuperate, without sleep our bodies do not have the time to repair.
It is like having an engine run 24/7 nonstop, chances of breaking down is so much higher.

Lack of water
If you did not already know, our bodies are mainly made up of 75% water.
So bottled up and hydrate your body.

Finish that recommended 8 glasses a day =D

Food and Drinks
Like the saying goes, we are what we eat.

Living in the modern society,
I personally think we cannot be 100% free from processed food.

The high levels of sodium (salt) content in our food have dehydrating effect.

And for those who cannot seem to resist that bottle of beer or glass of wine,
excess of alcoholic drinks do causes dehydration as well.



Wow, after laying our those things,
really seems as though there is no hope for that
flawless, bouncy, youthful, baby like skin right?

So, how do some people do it?

Since we are living in the modem world,
it calls for modem high tech help
wouldn’t you say =P

Those of you who simply cannot commit to that 8 hours of sleep


Resist that plate of greasy food

**Guilty and guilty again =P**

There is now help for us all!

Introducing Hydra Quench

Treatment exclusively from Clinic MF 

It is the modern day method to ensure our skin gets the necessary hydration
from skin deep.

This is helping to hydrate our skin from the inside and not simply on the surface.

I know many of you are wondering what is this Hydra Quench?

**Mind you, I had the same thought when I first hear this**

The main ingredient in Hydra Quench is Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid acts as a
- UV protector
- Provides vitamin and mineral
- Acts like a sponge and stores water

Pretty awesome stuff right?


And 30% of this Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin,
helping it to maintain hydration levels while supplying nutrient.

Hyaluronic acid acts as a transporter to transport
water and all the nutrients to our skins.

Without the transporter, no matter how much of nutrients we take,
It will not reach to the places we want it to.

And 30% of this Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin.
helping it to maintain hydration levels while supplying nutrients.

Hyaluronic acid acts as a transporter to transport
water and all the nutrients to our skins.

Without the transporter, no matter how much of nutrients we take,
it will not reach to the places we want it to.

Because of all the reasons mentioned above, many of us start to lose our natural
Hyaluronic acid and many different skin conditions happens.

As seen above, what Hydra Quench does is that it increases our skins

- Hydration
- Refines open pores
- Smoothen Wrinkles
- Promote healthy skin

And, naturally this will lead to smoother and fairer skin...

it's every girls inner wanting...
come on dearies, you know I am right =P

After this, you can retire that Meitu Xiu Xiu App.

You will be all natural.


Just look at this lady’s wrinkles… No more after the treatment

 Look at how smooth the skin is after the treatment.

Well, I had the privilege to have this Hydra Quench treatment done.

I was like
“Yes!!!! I really really need this!”

For the past few months, I have been having major breakouts,
So many pimples and my skin have deteriorated to a dull complexion.

In all my life, even after puberty,
I am never had breakouts like how I have been having for the past months.

Even, my father,
Could not stand and had to ask me to re-arrange my busy schedule
so that I get more sleep because he has never seen me have that many breakouts.

When father comments, you know it’s serious.


Back to my 1st ever aesthetics experience with Marie France…

So my aesthetics virginity has been taken by Marie France =P
Know that, I was in expert and professional hands.

Surprisingly, I did not feel fear but rather I was anxious of what is to happen.

Like all beauty places, you start of with having to fill in the data base form

After that, I have a personal one on one session with the lovely in house doctor.
Who by the way has absolutely flawless skin…
So really can trust that their treatment can work =P

So now I am going to show you all something that may shock many…



As you can see, although not very clear, is that there are plenty of breakouts!
My skin tone is clearly dull.

Lack of sleep has cause my skin to be dull and dehydrated which led
to my face being a pimple farm…

At age 25,
I already have noticeable pigmentation's.
Very bad.

Probably wondering why I am wearing a shower cap ya?

It is needed to keep all the hair neatly and away from the face
so that the treatment can be done without distractions.

Here you can more clearly see my breakouts and some scaring it left behind

Quite bad right my skin condition.

When I was having my consultation,
being a girl, I was complaining about my skin condition to the doctor.

She said, very confidently,
“You came to the right place, for the right treatment!”

“Your skin really needs hydration!”

 Because hydration is the very foundation to all your skin issues.
When your skin is hydrated,
any following treatments or maintenance will be much more effective.


Treatment time!!!

Hydra Quench treatment is done by administering the Hyaluronic acid
via injections to the targeted areas around the face.

By doing so, the hyaluronic acid is directly being
transferred into the deeper layers of the skin
so that it can more effectively re-hydrate the skin.

So, since I had to be injected,
numbing cream had to be applied on my entire face.

They also used cling film to wrap around my face.

Numbing cream is left on my face for about 45 minutes
before the treatment starts.


 The Treatment Begins



Is it painful?

If you are wondering, it stings.
The pain is a little more painful compared to extraction during facial.

It is especially painful at face area nearer to the nose.

But, for beauty,
females can do just about anything...

Anything legal that is =P


After the Treatment

My complexion here seems fairer and smoother.

So, after the treatment, 
you have tiny red bumps all over but it will subside the next day.

The doctor mentioned that as time passes,
my skin will become much better.


This is my skin a week after the treatment.

Really no filter =D

My skin complexion is so much smoother and skin appeared to be fairer!


My skin was noticeably fairer and my pimples reduced.

Really happy with the results =D

Why not treat yourself to having wonderful skin

Go check out Clinic MF

They will provide you with quality service and result
which begins from the moment you walk in to their outlets.

So, do trust that you are in the good hands
when doing any sort of aesthetic procedure.

Every girl deserve to be beautiful...

We all deserve a little help now and then

So why not you =)

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