Monday, 4 May 2015

A Review on Mario Badescu Skincare

Hello Beautiful People!

I have missed you all dearly!

I hoped you all had a rejuvenating long long weekend...
**It was too short right? =p**

I have so many backlogs of post just waiting for me to filter and be publish.
I have to be more hard working...

Do forgive me, 
I just started a new job among the many things that I am doing.

But I know you all are just wonderful and forgiving readers right?

Now, how can anyone get angry after looking at those googly eyes =P


Well back to the main topic for today...

The other day I stumbled upon a rather interesting brand that 
Luxola carries which is called Mario Badesco

Who is Mario Badescu?

Mario Badescu Skin Care is one of the most profound skin care products in the world, 
which believes in old age skin care techniques. 
Enjoying a legacy of over 40 years as a skin care solution, 
the brand works on the vision of its founder Mario Badescu: 
Simplicity is the key to Healthy, Clean, Radiant Skin. 

Products by Mario Badescu in Malaysia help thousands of individuals in their fight with acne, rosacea, aging skin and other skin related issues very effectively.


I was fortunate to be give a chance to try out some of their products specially from Luxola.

The is my first time ever using Luxola services,
I must say the offer great service!

I love how they have their own parcel package, 
fully equipped with bubble wrap!

Packing and delivery time from Luxola gets double stars from me =D

I choose to try out 2 of their product rather highly rated products.

First one is the Buffering Lotion.

Lately, due to over stress and minimal sleep,
I have been popping pimples and growing ache rapidly,
so when I saw this, I had to give it a try.


Battle cystic acne with Mario’s Buffering Lotion. The solution is easily absorbable by skin thanks to its sulfur base. It soothes redness, targets under the skin pimples, and prevents new ones from emerging.


  • Contains Allantoin, which soothes inflamed skin and promotes healing.
  • Anti-redness and healing ingredients aid tissue regrowth on skin affected and damaged by acne. 
  • Suitable for combination & oily skin types.

It is a watery like liquid as you can see on my palm.

The product has a rather strong pungent alcohol like smell.

When I smell it, it gives me the feeling that it is
going to clean and kill all the germs on my face!


One awesome thing about Luxola is that they include 
a video on how to apply the product.

Really useful stuff!

Check it out here:

The other product I tried from them is their Enzyme Revitalizing Mask.

One of the reason for my current poor complexion, 
as I was told by my beautician after my facial yesterday, 
is that I do not do enough of mask for my face.

I really need to be more hard working.


Being a girl is A LOT of work.

Gentlemen of the world, 
please do remember to complement the ladies in your life
because they really put much effort into maintaining themselves.

Here is a little info on the product


Give skin a radiance boost, some nourishment and a pick-me-up with this delicious smelling mask. Light yet moisturizing, this mask will leave your skin smooth, moisturized and glowing. Ideal for keeping pimples at bay and bringing life back to dry and sallow skin, this is one of those products, that after one use, you won’t be able to live without.


This product is a moisture intensive Alpha Hydroxy mask ideal for dull, dry or mature skin. Papaya and Grapefruit Extracts are the natural exfoliants blended with antioxidant Vitamin A and E oils giving the skin a refreshed, glowing appearance. 

You can check out the product here:

Personally, I love the smell and how it feels on the skin.

Paste form masks are always not my first choice when it comes to marks
because when it dries, it becomes so tight and difficult to wash off
but for this, even after drying, it is very easily washed off .

It does leave my skin feeling nice and moisturize.
Plus, it smells good =D

I would recommend this.


Wonderful news for you all who need some help keeping those 
pimples and aches in control...

Luxola is offering a 15% discount for all you lovely people.

Just put in this promo code:

Do check out the entire range of skincare by Mario Badescu:

I promise that you will be drawn to their range =D

Till the next post darlings =D

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