Sunday, 8 March 2015

One Stop Online Shopping with iPrice

Happy Glorious Year of the Goat!

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration =D

I am missing the holidays...
and the Ang Pau collecting =P

It really has been awhile since I blogged,
I have been preoccupied with many different things since the start of this new year.

You can always get more recent updates via my
Instagram and Facebook Page

But I will do my best to bring more updates and new happenings very soon =D


Moving on to more interesting topics,
for those who know me will all know that I absolutely love to shop!


You know when they say women have bad sense of direction,
I am one of them

But ask me for any store location in all the major malls,

BAM! I can direct you like a walking GPS


Then there is online shopping,
which I love love love!

The best part about online shopping is probably the time
when the package arrives,
Ladies, for those of you who shop online,
doesn't it feel like you are getting a present =D

It's like you kind of know what you are getting and yet you don't
because you haven't actually seen it live.

*Awesome feeling*

Like recently, I shopped at Zalora for the 1st time
and I must say, their service is awesome!

Another thing that I love about shopping online
are those cheap deals you can get compared to buying it from the shop.

You get the EXACT same thing for cheaper price
if you buy it online.

Plus, nowadays there are so many discounts and coupons.
We are literally spoiled for choice

But, don't you have this feeling that sometimes there are just too many
out there that it gets confusing?

Well, I was so happy that I found

is like your one stop online shopping mall that pretty
much sells every brand under the sun!

I love how iPrice serves as a platform
that shows us all the various deals compiled
from all the website that provide us good deals.

Now, we get to look for the things we want to get
without having to go to multiple sites
to compare the prices etc..

We can do it all on iPrice.

How handy is that!

We will now NEVER miss any deals!

Now, this is what you call being a smart consumer=P


Plus, they even offer various discount coupons from different online shopping site!
like Zalora and Lazada to name a few.



Extremely worth it to check it out
with all the GST happening next month.

We must be smart consumers!!!

So quickly go check out

  1. iPrice Malaysia Website: 
  2. iPrice Coupons:
  3. iPrice Facebook:
  4. iPriceTwitter:
  5. iPrice Singapore:

More stories to come...

Many new things to update if you have seen the new updates on my status.

Stay tune peeps =D

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