Sunday, 21 December 2014


Hello all my darlings!

I have been terribly missing you all.
I can imagine the neglect you all have been feeling =P


Time for me to get back into action.
*Bruce Lee scream and nose rub*

Well, as the year is coming to an end,
I cannot help but look back on the happenings this year.

I have to say it has been an eventful year for me,
filled with many wonderful experiences. =D

More importantly,
I had many 1st time experiences.

Some things where I thought I would have never had the guts or dreamt of doing,
I did this year =P

Thinking back now, 
I still cannot believe it.

Nothing illegal if that was running through your mind =P

It is real at the same time surreal

I will be like 
"I did that? Really? I did?"


In this amazing year of 2014, 
I learned that everyone has the capacity to change,
it is just a matter of whether we ourselves want to or not.

Every single one of us really have the potential to achieve
all the things we dream about having,

BUT, no one said it was going to be easy to achieve,
come on, even happiness takes loads of work.

No free lunch baby dolls =P


I guess what I want to say is that we should learn to never put limitation
on ourselves and more important to never put limitation on others =)

Never bring someone down 
but always find ways to lift people up. 

We do not lose anything by 
being a tiny bit nicer to others right?

I am sure ALL you lovely people 
who took the time to read through this wordy post,
are extremely lovely people =D

On another note, there will always be people
who I think have dedicated their entire existence 
to putting people down.

Well, they best way we can deal with these people
is like what Taylor says is to shake them all OFF.

Just remember to take a step back, relax, 
have a cup of tea
and enjoy what life has to offer.

Don't waste it on petty little things,
like getting influenced and sucked into other people's opinion of you.

Life is just to short to waste it on 
pleasing everyone.

For now,
just focus on being the best version of yourself =D

Have a wonderful Christmas week ahead!


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