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Opium @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

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How are you all?
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I have been going MIA a little recently...
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Today, I bring you all yet another delicious post...
(I really have been having a lot of it lately)

Opium @ Changkat Bukit Bintang
is the newest member but dare I say the most exotic restaurant along the exciting Changkat street.

I love the Opium's set up as the management have put in tremendous effort to bring
that authentic Opium era feel for all of us to experience.

Every single detailed right down to the scent in the air there has been designed
especially to tailor to that particular era.

They really have synthetic opium fragrance surrounding the place.
Talk about authenticity...  

Here we have the open area, for all those who would love to enjoy some night breeze.

The family dining area
is equipped with a long dining table
which is to symbolize our Chinese tradition of having a meal with the entire family.

People did have tons of children back then right =p

Olden wine pots we see in all those kung fu movies.

They even had those olden times black and white chinese movies playing.

Here we are at the Rose Room.

Notice the rose printing on the left side?
Hence, the name, Rose Room.

It is a decent size room which can be closed off for those who 
would like to have their very own private functions
(e.g. Birthdays etc...)

For those who don't know this an Opium Bed =D
(Look...even the kid knows that it is relaxing)

Besides that,
they even have separate seating booth for extra privacy
without having to sacrifice the wonderful ambiance.

However, for those who would like added privacy
for business talks and so on,
they also have a private room just to cater for that need.

Every possible seating arrangement has been carefully though of
How awesome is that =D

All around the restaurant you will be able to notice these
opium pipes, which were personally hand picked by their management team.

Some of them had to be flown in.

How much of dedication was put into the interior to bring that authenticity out.

Cannot not love it right =D

More of the awesome interior.

Notice those stack of bowls on the counter?

They actually serve water in those bowls
just like how we see all those people drink alcohol/water in those kung fu movies.

Super awesome right!

Time to bring out them drinks!

There is something you all must know about the drinks at Opium...

They especially hired a mixology to especially design all of Opium's drinks.

Their drinks are an amazing cross between east and west.

Here we have some of their signature specials.

These are the house cocktails.
Must try!

More interesting must try!

I must say...

Opium is a must visit because of their drinks.
 They are all so uniquely made.

Ti-Lung Bramble RM32 
(based in gin with lemon, dragon fruit, and creme de cassis)

Very unique presentation and taste as well.

Peking Man RM 32
(Vodka, Puer Tea, Longan, Lime Juice, Egg White and Orange Bitters)

I have to say, of all the drinks, I love this the most.

The combination of vodka and Puer tea is just genius.
Plus, all the other ingredients really bring out the flavors.

It is perfect for me as it still has that little kick but it is not too strong.

Plus, it comes with 2 little cups of tit bits..

What's not to love!

Another clearer picture.

Mango Asam Boi RM 15

Sweet and sour combination of mango and asam boi
brings an amazingly refreshing drink.

Glorious Food!

Be prepared to be WOW-ed!

True to their theme...
Not only their drinks are a mixed between the east and west.

They even manage to incorporate that element into their food as well.

I was and still am very impress with their menu.

Lemongrass Sticks RM 12
(Chicken, Squid, Lemongrass, Tumeric)

Lovely tender chicken and squid combination.
The addition of lemongrass gives it the extra aroma.

Lamb Patties RM 18
(Braised lamb, Camembert Cheese, Sambal Mayonnaise)

Every bite is juicy and fulfilling

Cheese Samosa RM 18
(Combination of Parmesan, Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese wrapped in a popiah skin)

Absolute cheese fever!
Why settle for 2 types of cheese when u can have 3 types.

More is definitely better...In this case =P

Crystal Dumplings RM 12

Opium Wantan Noodles RM 28
(Springy egg noodles, Deep fried Spinach, Minced Chicken)

Now, this dish is an absolute delight!
This dish just prove that innovation is limitless.

This is a rather interesting alternative to the wantan noodles that we traditionally are familiar.

The combination of deep fried spinach  and minced chicken was yummy
however, I did find the dish a little too dry.

But no matter, a spoon or 2 of the soup did wonders to the dish =D

Another picture to show the hidden noodles underneath all the goodies

Rendang Wagyu Beef 
served with Lotus Leaf Bun RM 38

Juicy tender wagyu beef cooked in rich rendang curry was so appetizing!!!

After having a taste of wayyu beef being cooked as rendang,
I think I will always remember it's tenderness and yearn for it
whenever I eat normal rendang dishes.

The curry that the beef is cooked in is not too spicy,
so to those who cannot eat spicy ( so kesianing!)
you most definitely can enjoy this without having to hog a cup of water the entire meal.

Just look at that rendang dish...

Doesn't it make you hungry?!

I know i am...hehehe.

Cod Fish in Curry Sauce 
served with Steamed Sesame Rice RM 38

This curry dish is more of a creamy fragrant dish rather than your average spicy hot dishes.

Cod fish (the good stuff i am telling you)
cooked in rich creamy curry with a hint of sweetness at the end.

Absolutely appetizing dish.

Must try!

Another closer look at the dish

Peppery Beef Soup RM 15
(Lamb cubes, carrot, potato, local spices, coriander, fried shallots)

Wonderful hot and soothing bowl of soup that is packed with
tons of flavors that will leave you asking for more =D

Grilled Chicken Wings RM 15

It has a nice sweetish sour kind of BBQ marinate...
I am not much a chicken wing kinda girl
but for those who love a good chicken wing you may want to give this a try =)

Fern Leaf Salad with Grilled Prawns RM 24
(Wild fern leaves, prawns, sambal, ginger flower, shallots, lime juice, coconut)

This is my 1st time having fern leaves and I must say this was quite the appetizing dish indeed.
The taste of this dish kind of reminds me of Thai cuisine.

Cheesy Banana Fritters RM18
(Fried Banana, aged Cheddar Cheese, topped with Opium's very own
homemade Banana Ice Cream)

This is the way to end a wonderful meal...
Sealing in all the goodness =D

This dessert dish comes with freshly fried banana.
The combination of warm hot banana fritters and cold banana ice cream
is absolute joy to taste...

Salted Egg Cream Bun RM 12

Creamy salted egg oozing out with a bite.
Quite similar to the ones we can get at Dim Sum shops

Opium Ice Glass RM 18

Opium's very own version of the ice kacang
It is sort of a mix of western and asian all in a tall glass.

The Opium Ice Glass is slightly mild tasting compared to the usual ice kacang we have.
It is perfect for those who prefers not too much of sweet.

The very special rice cake candies as a parting gift after getting the bill.

How thoughtful =D

Along the entire Changkat road....
I must say Opium really stood out from the rest
from it's interior to their drinks, 
every single detail was thought through to bring us
the experience that encompasses all our 5 senses.

Definitely worth several more visit...
Need to try out all their awesome spread of drinks =P

Wondering where to try out this weekend???

Head on down to Opium...

I guarantee you won't regret it =)


Address & phone

Opium KL 50 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
 +6 03 21425670

Opening hours

Mondays - Thursdays : 12.00PM - 2.30PM, 4.00PM - 1.00AM
Fridays : 12.00PM - 2.30PM, 4.00PM - 2.00AM
Saturdays : 4.00PM - 2.00AM
Sundays : 4.00PM - 1.00AM



Time to feast and feed that tummy of yours...

You know you deserved it!

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