Monday, 22 September 2014

Foodpanda. The One Stop Food Shopping Site!


And I am back once again,
bringing you all yet another one of my food ventures =D
*Lots of food recently, explaining my growing waist line*
Happy times...Can't complain =P

Recently, I came across this awesome site

It is literally is like an online food court where you
let your fingers do the walking and your tummy do the thinking =P

You know nowadays everyone is so occupied with happenings of life
that the moment you reach home, 
you will be glued to the chair or your bed
not wanting to move an inch.

But what you gonna do when that inner tummy thunder starts,
growling in hunger but you are just too lazy to drive out to buy food.
*For those who have people cooking for you at home, you have no idea how luck you are*

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Thankfully I came across Foodpanda!

Being in line with our technological advancement,
we can now shop for what we want to eat ONLINE =D

How awesome is that!

Sit at the comfort of your own home and browse through
the awesome selection.

That was what happened to me the other day,
after a long day of work,
I just wanted to stay home but there was nothing to eat at home,
so I went browsing through the net for deliveries
and stumbled upon Foodpanda.

I love that we get a variety of food that can be delivered to our home
listed out like a menu for us to pick and choose,
no need to wreck our heads thinking of what to eat.

I really like that they categorize the availability of food
according to location.

So you can just put in a location and check out what is available at your location,
you might just find something absolutely interesting and tasty =D

So, I decided to give Canadian Pizza a try,
since I have not tried their pizza.

A list like the one at the top will appear and the selection of pizzas is madness.
What you want also got =D

It is really simple to use their site...
Dummy prove!
hahahaha =P

After selecting and putting in all my data,
a SUCESS page will appear.

And I LOVE how they will verify your order once more via SMS and Email.

Security function,
in case someone decided to have a feast without you =P

Then, a verification code sent via SMS needs to be keyed in
before the order can fully proceed.

They even have their own App.
We can order food now with just our phones.

We can get the app on both Apple and Android
*There is no need to fight =P*

The age of convenience =D


Awesome pizza delivered right to my door step
with just a few tabs on my Ipad =D

Absolutely satisfied with the service that Foodpanda brings.

Go visit their site

Wherever you are, Foodpanda will be there to serve you.

Never go hungry again =P

So, what are you waiting for?

Go Foodpanda NOW!

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