Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Win L'oreal White Perfect 10!

Contest has ended.

Thank you for all of your participation =D

I am so happy to announce the 2 winning pairs 

1. Ira and Lydia
2. Su rong and Crystal

Winners (Ira and Su rong) please fill up the forms that was sent to you via 
facebook message.

Go read about what they have to say about each other!

So sweet!

Hello ladies...
So, I have super great news!!!

Do you want to get your hands on the all new
 L'oreal Paris all new White Perfect 10
and other L'oreal products???

L'oreal Paris has given me their
White Perfect 10
to lucky pairs of good friends!

Besides that, you can get more L'oreal goodies too!
Just sign up HERE to receive L'oreal Paris mystery gifts
and free samples of L'oreal Wite Perfect 10! 

For more information on this competition,
please visit my Facebook Page 


Go comment and tag your friends about it =D

What are you waiting for!

Contest will end on the 17th August 2014!

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