Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision Eyeliner

Hello beautiful people!

How is your July coming along?

Going well, I hope =D


My eyeliner smudges...
It clumps...
It is so so difficult to remove my liner...
It is so frustrating...

Ever get those eyeliner troubles?

Well, you might not need to go through those things again


Today, I will be introducing Maybelline's latest liquid eyeliner.

Out of all my make ups, for me the eyeliner is the most important.

The eyeliner is after all used for beautifying our eyes 
the window to our souls =D

Introducing Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision Liner

Like the name suggested, the liner itself has a sharp tip, 
which makes it easier to reach to the corner of the eyes.

On top of that, it is so smooth, that it just glides across the eyelids,
therefore, it does not clumps nor does it crack!
***Super plus points for this***

 Having a great eyeliner is crucial in my daily make up process.

Because I have such small eyes, 
I have to make sure my eyes are still visible when I laugh =P

This eyeliner comes in 3 different colors
Brown...Black...Soft Black

       It's main features
  • 0.01mm precision 
  • 24 hours Smudge-proof 
  • Easy Removal

After testing it for the past week,
I must say
this liner is true to it's claims!
Price: RM35.90

I usually always wear black eyeliner and never have tried other colors,
but this time around I was given the brown liner to try.

I have to say,
I absolutely love the brown liner.

It is a much softer color compared to black,
which is great for the every day make up 
because the natural look is always the best no?
hehehe =D

 Can't see the eyeliner much...
Small eyes that's why...

The tip of the eyeliner is only 0.01mm wide...
No wonder it was so easy to draw my eyes.

Another concern about eyeliner is that after a while, it smudges...

And when it does... 
Gosh, it is like we girls just got punched in the eye.

But, after I used this liner , 
I do not have to worry about smudging.
I wore it a few time for more than 10 hours and 
it is still in good condition without any smudges!

You can go check them out ya=D

*Big smile*

Yay! I have an awesome eyeliner =D

Go visit your nearest Maybelline counters and get your hands on this awesome liner!

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