Friday, 27 June 2014

Skin Whitening Wonders with L'Oreal Whitening Day Cream

Hello all you beautiful people!

I know I said I will be posting more frequently
but I have failed to do so, I do apologies.

I just started out a new job and managing many other things at the same time.
Phew... Hectic..Hectic... 

About work, finally started a corporate like job
where I get a lanyard with the access card attached for the first time.
Really can't stop finding an excuse to use it.
New toy.

But that thing also is my punch card...So not so fun after all =(
More on that in a another post 
*Gosh...So much has happened*


Today, I want to talk about having fair skin.

I think most girls...
vain girls like me me me all want to have 
flawless fair skin like those Korean actresses.

Some people want results fast that they result to 
getting injections to lighten skin tone.

I do not disagree with this method 
(I might want to try it out someday...might...)
but it is costly because of the repeated sessions that you have to go to maintain it,
not to mentioned the potential harm it may bring...

However, you can actually do a lot of things to 
help your body get a fairer skin tone =D

So, what can you do???

1. Increase your Vitamin C intake!

Daily dosage of vitamin C will not only help with your immune system,
it will help increase your skin's color and suppleness.
Besides that, it helps with the prevention of saggy skin and wrinkles.

You can get vitamin C from fruits and vegetables, 
especially from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons.

It is suggested that we take 500mg of vitamin C a day,
that is like 5 serving of fruits and vegetables.

If you do not eat so many serving,
taking a Vitamin C supplement is a good alternative.
*I take my daily dose of it =D*

2. Drink Lots of Water


We all know that majority of our body is made of water. 

Our skin the largest organ in our body is 
made up of approximately 64% of water 

So, we must drink enough water to main it's hydration and not dry out.
It will help with the renewal of your skin. 

3. Have a Healthy Diet 


I think everyone knows that having a healthy diet is key in having a healthy body.

Taking in the right foods will ensure that our body gets the right
nutrients to allow it to repair itself.
This means that our skin will become much nicer as our diet changes.

Try to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible 
(especially those high in vitamins A, C and E) and 
stay away from processed, high-calorie foods.

Love your body and it will love you back =D


All the above are extremely important for us to be able to have
good and potentially fairer complexion.

I agree that the internal care of our skin is the core importance
however, is our bare skin equip to defend against all the harm it faces everyday?

That is why it is important to invest in a good sun block/day cream.

Great news ladies!

L'Oreal is launching a brand new Whitening Day Cream!

Whitening + SPF30 PA++ = Beautiful Skin 

L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10

The awesome new product in the flesh (so to speak) =P

The White Perfect 10 not only protects our skin from the harmful UV rays
it also help with whitening if our skin!

I was so privilege to be one of the people to try our their latest
whitening day cream before the product launches for the public.
 *jumps for joy!*

If you read my previous post on sunblock products,
you will know that I am quite picky when it comes to sunblock/day cream.

So, how was L'Oreal's latest White Perfect 10?

For the first-time ever from L’OrĂ©al Paris, a whitening cream that not only gives you fairer skin but protects from external aggressions to help prevent future UV-induced darkening and excess sebum. Great skin is easy to achieve with just one product packed with 10 multi-action whitening and oil-control benefits!

It is a great day cream.
It gives a good coverage and the smell of the day cream is heavenly =D

Oh the smell is so so good!

The cream is a nice lilac color,
which is a lovely color. 
It's the first time I seen any cream in a color other than 
various shades of beige or white...
 The right half of my hand is noticeably fairer than the left after application.

This day cream do not only work as a sunblock,
it also has 10 wonderful benefits all packed into a lovely bottle.

---10 Benefits---

1. Instant Glow.
2. Fairer Skin 
3. Even Tone
4. Anti-dark spots
5. Anti- shine effect
6. Anti-pollution  
7. Anti-UVA
8. Anti-UVB
9. Anti-oxydation
10. Anti-oiliness effect

10 awesome benefits that comes packed altogether!

This is just perfect for us girls who are always busy and on the move.

Getting fairer skin has never been so easy =D

We can now do it with White Perfect 10!

 Here are the benefits that this day cream can bring to us!

Amazing no?

I feel so excited the more I use this product.

Here I am bared face preparing to apply the day cream
but 1st... Let me take a selfie =P

Want to get yourself a FREE sample this awesome all in one day cream?
Visit White Perfect Total 10 website to get stand a chance to get yourself one!

Go grab yourself a bottle of whitening miracle today =D


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