Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bangkok #8: Mango Tango

Mango Tango!!!

Finally, I had the chance to visit this place
after missing out the chance during my last visit.

This was me sitting outside of a 
closed Mango Tango back in 2013.

They were closed because they were relocating to a new place
which was just opposite their old place.

I was so disappointed that I could not go try it out the last time,
so this time around, I made it a point to visit it =P
*I can be rather insistent when i have to be* 

Nice and cozy interior.

Every time I walk passed it when we go shopping at Siam area,
I always see Mango Tango full of people 
until there is a waiting line outside their shop.

That was another reason why I just had to go try it.
Human nature to find out what the hype is all about right =P

The yummy mango menu!

The price range is from 65 Baht to 145 Baht.

I find the pricing rather reasonable for a dessert place in the heart of the city.

A group selfie.
*Got photobombed by the aunty at the side*

Our orders for the night

Mango Tango
Mango Pudding + Mango Ice Cream + Fresh Mango

Price: 120 Baht 

A refreshing plate of delicious goodness
that is bound to leave you salivating for more
I kid you not!

The ice cream served taste more like sorbet
which I love =D

This is a must order if you are there.

Mango Aloha
Diced Mango in Milk Sago topped with Mango Sauce  

Price: 65 Baht

A soothing bowl of mango treat.
It is perfect after a long day out =)

Customary food selfie.
How typical =P

And, I just realized that I was wearing the same top
last year when I took the picture outside of a closed Mango Tango.

Anniversary Top!

Crystal chandelier is just too mainstream.
Mangos are the next best thing!

You can see tons of mango fruit around the shop.

They even sell their own recycle bag

A Mango a day keeps the doc away?

Hell yeah! =P

I do not have the exact address since it moved.
The new place is located at the row of shops 
directly opposite of their old shop.

It is located just along the shops beside Ban Khun Mae

More Bangkok updates coming real soon

For now, check out my previous Bangkok posts

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