Thursday, 17 April 2014

The College Look

Hello my lovelies =D

It has been a while I updated my blog.

As usual, I have been busy, extra busy lately.

Although, I have been missing out on ALL my favorite TV series *cries*,
I have never felt so ALIVE being occupied with things to do.

Occupied with things that matters, of course =D

What have all of you been up to?

I am interested to know =P


In the midst of all the busy-ness,
there is no excuse to ignore our wardrobe right?

Remember in one of my previous post, 
I mentioned dressing well is a form of respect for the person/people you will see.

Not to mentioned, it will give you confidence when you dress well no?

For me it does.

It works like an invisible amour to protect me from any potential harm 
but like any amour, it sometimes will not be able to withstand heavy fire.

Well, in the modern day, the heavy fire we receive would be 
all the negativity and criticisms.

I think we really cannot escape all the negativity/criticisms
in society today because we cannot change how other people think or behave.

What we CAN do is change our our own thinking 
from a negative one to a positive one.

Of course, this is easier said than done 
but really it is worth the extra effort to be the cheerful positive one
in an almost hopeless dire situation.

You have no idea, 
how much a smile or a simple "how do you do?"
will lift someone's spirits that day.

Making someone else happy does not get you paid in cash
but it does make you rich as a person in general.

As the saying goes,
"Give and you will be given"

With that, 
let's have a look at my "amour" of the day =P

A very conservative look huh..
All covered up =P
*Need more amour*

Doesn't this look remind you of those 
mean goody goody girls we see in movies?

Not saying I am the mean type.
I am just too nice
*Being full of myself*

Paired a simple cardigan over a long sheer top and a pair of leggings.

Simple and comfortable,
not to mention it hides the tummy.
Teehee =P

Cardigan: RM 39.90
Long Top: RM 49.90
Leggings: RM 49.90
Shoes: RM 79.90

All from H&M.

I really love shopping there. =D

 Let's be the person who inspire the good in others.

Let's be the minority.

Because being the majority is just too mainstream!

Enjoy the rest of April.

It is going to be absolutely AWESOME!

Remember YOU are the one who determines whether
something turns out good or not.

Look at things from a different perspective,
you will just surprise yourself =D

Have a great one!

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