Thursday, 10 April 2014

ModCloth. An Amazing Online Shopping Avenue for All!

Hello all you wonderful people!

How have all of you been?

I am sure you all doing absolutely wonderful no?

Well, if you are in need of a pick me up,
there is nothing better than some retail therapy to lift your spirits!

Ladies, you have to agree with me that there is no therapy like retail therapy!

Although it does hurt if we go a bit over board
but every now and then we should pamper ourselves right right? =P

So, I introduce to you ModCloth

ModCloth is an online shopping site that carries many 
unique and beautiful pieces!

I love that they carry not only modern styles but I find that 
they have a huge retro influence as well.

You can find plenty of 
full skirts, polka dots, A-line dresses, sundresses 
that are just too cute to resist!

Besides that, they not only cater to all those 
stick skin people, they also bring in clothes for plus sizes too!

Like finally a shop that does not discriminate size right.

You are beautiful no matter what size you are!

They do not only bring us plus sized clothes,
they also have beautiful swimming suits in plus sizes too!

Here are some of the swimming suits that they offer.

They are many many more!

Do check them out 

For you small sized people
 *Staring at you with fierce eyes*
Fret not, they have sizes for you girls too =D

Here is an outfit that I put together,
all the pieces are from ModCloth.

Because their swimming suits are so so pretty,
they can be worn as a top!

Since, this swimming suit's cutting and printing has a very retro feel,
so I decided to pair it with a full-skirt.

Just look at the beautiful transparent heels!
So beautiful and posh, don't you think so??

What do you think of this outfit?


Like what you see?

Go check out ModCloth
and reward yourself with a few lovely pieces this weekend

Because, you know you deserve it =D

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