Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Minimalist

Time for an outfit post!

It has been ages since my last outfit post.
I do miss those times where I can do outfit post everyday.
Now, time is a factor
but I shall not let that stop me! =P

In my previous post, I mentioned about things 
that are happening in my life, remember? 

If you don't, go click here and read
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I mentioned in that post about this new pet online business
I am venturing into and I have to say it is coming along.

Still in it's amateur stages but lucky I have a team of really awesome people,
that I have recently came to know and appreciate, who are there
to mentor me through this process.

This brings me to the point of being humble.

For those of you who don't know me, the real me anyway,
I have a bit of an ego, Kiasu like the Singaporeans call it.

Even as a child, more so during my schooling years,
I had to perform the best.

It was not so much as to show other people how good I was
but it was more to prove to myself that I was good enough.
Plus, I hate (strong word) feeling defeated and helpless.
 So, I always strive to do better but sometimes I fall down 
and it hurts so much, I don't want to stand up again.

That is where I learn to ask for help.
Usually, I won't ask for help and suffer in silence
because I think it will trouble people to help me
but now when I think about it, it is my ego that stopped me.

So, for me it takes some courage to ask for help.
From there, I learned to be humble and to be accepting
of what the others have to offer.

I realized the more humble and accepting of people's
help, advice, criticisms or even complains,
I got the opportunity to learn so much more.

Although, it is bloody difficult to be accepting sometimes
but what is life without some challenges right?


With that, I end my mini rambling session
and now, we get back to the outfit for the day!

Going with the white and black look again.
Can't escape not having either one of these colors in my outfits.

I was feeling a little punk rock the other day
and I got this look together.
A LITTLE punk rock =P

It is great how simple T-shirts
can be worn with just about anything

Yeah, the wind!

Top: From Bangkok
Sheer Skirt: H&M

Other ways to wear this skirt
Click here 

Cut out Boots: H&M

Super love my new cut out boots!!!
I just could not resist myself and got them =D
Very comfortable!

Have a great month of March.

Remember to be humble =D

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Be good y'all!


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