Friday, 21 March 2014

Are Your Eyes in Danger?

Our eyes are said to be the windows into our soul...

So, there is no harm trying to make that window 
a little more prettier and welcoming right?

Thanks to the creation of contact lens we can now beautify our eyes.

Contact lenses are no longer made only to aid our eye sight,
Nowadays people wear it for cosmetic reasons 

With the current hype on contact lenses,
we can see numerous contact lens dealers popping up 
at shopping centers, online and even our night markets!

All these vendors sell contact lenses in 
various shape, sizes and colors at a ridiculously low prices.
Hence, people all flock to these places to purchase the cheap lenses.

But, aren't we concern of the potential effects these lenses have on our eyes?


Are these lenses safe to be worn on our eyes? 

Generally, contact lenses are safe to be worn if they are prescribed by your optometrists.
With advancement of technology today, experts already came up with lenses 
of various shape, size, color that can be worn daily, month, 3 months and so on.

An interesting fact I learned recently, apparently we all have different eye shape.
This differences can only be determine if we get our eyes checked out 
before buying a pair of contacts because we really don't know
whether that particular brand or shape will fit our eyes.

I know many people, myself included, 
just buy lenses off the shelf without any prescription
because we assume that all contact lenses are the same,
and the difference is only in the power and the color.

Apparently, we were all fooled! 

If you love your eyes, go get a prescription from 
the optometrists before purchasing any lenses.


Why do my eyes become so dry when I wear contact lens?

I often get dry eyes when I have my contacts on after a few hours.

The dryness kind of causes the lens to get stuck on my eyes
and I feel this suction sensation on my eyes which leads to 
my vision getting blur and it is extremely uncomfortable.

This I will endure for beauty... I am not the only one right?

Recently, I learned that dry contact lens is either caused by 
over wearing contact lens against the recommended period or
simply because contact lens were not properly moisturized.

But for me, I only have my lens on for a short period and 
already I experience blur visions and dryness.
So, for me there is a high possibility the problem lies with the lens solution.

So, I tried Alcon's OPTI-FREE Pure Moist solution.

True enough, after I changed my solution
I was able to wear my contact lens though out the day without any discomfort!

So, for purchasing of contact lens solution,
it is also recommended to seek recommendation from 
an optometrist because they will be able to suggest the best suited one for each condition.

Remember to check to see whether the solution
is a Multi-Purpose Disinfecting solution
because only with the disinfecting can the solution
thoroughly clean your lens.

How about putting eye drops to moisturize dry eyes?

Eye drop can be used throughout the day, 
but if the contact lenses were moisturized properly with the 
prescribed contact lens solutions, 
it can minimize discomfort and dry eye.

**Interesting Tip**

Blinking is our eyes natural way of moisturizing the eyes.

However, studies have shown that people now are so
LAZY we only blink halfway!

Yes. Apparently many of us only blink halfway!

Because we just literally could not miss a second of our favorite TV show
or from that insanely addictive game that we don't even blink fully.

Most people just blink halfway because they are rushing to continue
whatever it is that they are watching.

This is one of the main factors to getting dry eyes.

So, the next time your eyes feel dry, take a break from whatever
you are doing and do a few FULL blinks.

Don't know whether you are blinking correctly?

Check out this video on blinking =D


Which Contacts Lens should I get?
There are just so many!

Again, the best way to ensure you get the proper lenses
is to get a prescription from the optometrist.

Because, different brands and different designs varies in sizes and shape,
hence it will have different effect on your eyes.


 Can I share contact lens with someone else?

Well, that is like asking whether you can share underwear with someone
You don't right?
(Well, unless some of you do...I don't know why, maybe it's the economy? =P)

So, it's the same with contact lens,
you can't share them because they are specially catered to fit only your eyes.

Some of you might say
" We don't have power in both eyes, so we can share color contacts."

Like mentioned, different people have different shaped eyes,
so sharing is lenses is not the best option for anyone,
not to mention the potential transfer of germs!


Why do I suddenly sound like I know so much about contact lens?

That's because I got the privilege to join in a
small closed group sharing session hosted by Alcon Malaysia
to create awareness on eye care and contact lens use.

We were joined by two well respected doctors
Dr. David Kading
who is a renowned optometrist in the United States
 Dr. Timothy Grant
Head of Professional Marketing of Alcon 

Dr. David Kading and Dr. Timothy Grant
with us, bloggers.


Both doctors, 
were extreme experts in their field
and they gave very clear explanation with examples
to help us understand a little bit more on 
how important it is to care for our eyes.
Because, we really only have 1 pair of eyes
and to lose the sense of sight is frightening,
don't you think so?
From the session, I picked up many useful information 
and it made me realize how much I have been 
neglecting the care for my eyes.

So, I got my eyes checked out.
It has been ages since I checked my eyes.
I really cannot remember the last time I went for a check up.

By right, we have to go get our eyes checked 

Like a car, we need to service it now and then,
our eyes too need to be checked and managed
so our eye sight does not deteriorate inappropriately.


If you would like more information
do visit
If you love being able to open your eyes and see every morning,
take the little extra time to care for your eyes.
You can just blink the proper way to ensure your eyes
are always moisturized.

Stay away from contact lenses that are not
prescribed by your optometrist.
No more pasar malam goods dears...
Get your eye checked 6 months once
so your optometrist can monitor your condition.
Let's love ourselves more this month!


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