Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Oh Valentine's


Valentine's Day is here.
The day of LOVE!

For those of you who have no idea,
my birthday falls on Valentine's Day.
*Thank you for the wishes in advance =P*

Well, everyone tells me the same thing when they find out my birth date

" Your birthday on Valentine's? "
" OMG! "
" So lucky for your BF, just buy one present enough. Birthday+Valentine's "

and they will carry on saying

" So lucky, your birthday on Valentine's Day, so sweet one"
"Aiyo, so easy to remember! "
" Everyone will celebrate together with you "

But in reality,
having your birthday on Valentine's is not all that.
I believe most of you Valentine's babies will agree with me XD
It is a day where most people will be busy trying to please/woo
the person of their interest or to simply 
re-ignite the spark between each other.

I really salute all the couples who go all out to make this 
particular day meaningful and unforgettable for their better halves.

Bottom line is everyone is busy.

Well, except for us single people =P


Valentine's Day isn't only a day for lovers.

It is a day for EVERYONE to celebrate the LOVE that we have.

It is a day, where we can show our appreciation 
for other people's love for us.

You don't need to have a huge extravagant gift,
the smallest act of kindness is enough to show another 
your love and appreciation for him/her.

To all you single people out there,
 I know it can be tiny bit depressing having to see
lovey dovey pictures/comments/updates 
of all the couples on social media

But Valentine's is a time for you to show your love 
for those who are already by your side
Your parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, neighbors etc...

It is a celebration of love for everyone.

So, don't feel bad if you have not found the perfect someone.
He or she will be coming soon.

For now, focus on being the best human being you possibly can
and I promise you will definitely meet someone who is equally as good as you =D

All things happen in good time.

Let's all enjoy this beautiful day and be grateful
we are alive and have people who care for us.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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