Monday, 10 February 2014

The Peplum Top

The 2nd week into February

It has been quite the eventful new year for me.

So what's been happening with me so far?

I am done with University, 
Got a full time job, 
Started my own pet business project,
Attending events, 
Got to know many new and interesting people,
CNY celebration,
Gained a little weight
(I blame the person who invented cookies! My will power is weak, how to resist=P)

And, I am going to be a year older very soon.

Time really passed so fast.

I am not too excited about getting a year older
but more excited to what I can achieve this year.

I am looking forward to an exciting 2014
and I am sure all of you have your dreams
and goals that you want to achieve.

Let's all put it into action!

If we don't get the exact results we want,
it's ok, at least we tried right?

Better to try and fail rather than not trying at all
because you might not discover the potential that you have =D 

The journey to success is a long and hard one.
Nothing wonderful comes easy right?


While we let that thought seep in
here is an outfit post

Today is about the peplum top.

Peplums are getting much attention lately.

The little flare at the waist area does make the top super cute right?

Another all black look.

However, the peplum does instill a little fun and girly-ness 
to an otherwise serious look.

Peplum Top: From Bangkok
Bodycon Skirt: Cotton On
Wedges: Forever 21
Bag: From China


Time to work hard and strive for that dream that we all so very want!

I need to grow a thicker skin
a shield for all the potential difficulties that may come my way =D

Let's all do our best for all the coming months ahead.

Success or Failure?

You decide.

We are, after all in control of this game called Life.

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