Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mitasu Japanese A La Carte Buffet @ Central Plaza, Sultan Ismail

Oysters are said to be an aphrodisiac.
So, I assume the more I consume the better...
hehehe =P

If you love oysters and all things fresh the Japanese style
you definitely have to visit  
Mitasu Japanese Restaurant at Central Plaza, Sultan Ismail.

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant is located at Central Plaza, Sultan Ismail,
which is the building opposite of the Lim Kok Wing KL building.

You will definitely pass by Central Plaza,
if you are going to Pavilion from Sg. Wang area.

The restaurant has a cozy interior.

They also have a few private rooms
for bigger groups or maybe a small get together party =D

They serve sake too
but it is not included in the buffet price.

If paying a little bit for good sake makes dinner more tasty, 
why not splurge a little? =P

I find the price of this buffet to be really reasonable 

Adult: RM 56.90++
Senior Citizen: RM 41.00+
Children: RM 28.00+

Mind you, for the price we paid,
we got a never ending amount of fresh oysters and sashimi.

Super worth it right!

Don't believe me?

See for yourselves.

The Glorious Food

Duck Salad

I found it quite a refreshing dish and the duck was nicely done,
there is no ducky smell that you may get sometimes when 
duck is not cooked properly. 

 Fresh Oysters and Tiger Prawns

The oysters are superbly fresh!
Usually, I would only eat 1 oyster and that's it
because I won't be able to stand the fishy-ness
but these oysters are really fresh so the fishy-ness 
are at a minimum, with a squirt of lemon,
the fishy-ness is gone.

However, the tiger prawns are smaller than I expected
but according to my friends,
the taste was not bad.
(I don't really fancy prawns, I do eat it but rarely.)

Fresh Sashimi

This has got to be my favorite dish for the night!

Here, we have salmon (yellow one behind)
Tuna (red one on the right)
Butter Fish (white one on the left)

This is one of the freshest sashimi I have ever tasted.
I wasn't expecting sashimi to be this fresh at a buffet place.

A must order!

Deep Fried Scallop 

Anything fried is definitely tasty.

I find this dish is be quite normal,
kind of like eating nuggets
but you do get the satisfaction knowing that you are eating scallop 
instead of unknown processed meat like in nuggets

Beef Teppanyaki

 Chicken Teppanyaki

Extremely tasty dishes.
Both were cooked to perfection.
It's soft and tender.


Like I said, anything fried is tasty.
Tempuras are a must have any time there is Jap food.

Mackerel Fish

Absolutely yummy dish.
Very well cooked.

And, I was told by my friends that this fish is pretty pricey.
After I heard that, I chomped down a large portion =P 

Fried Salmon Fish Head

The fish is well fried,
it is crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside.

It's my first time having salmon head,
it was a rather yummy dish.

Green Mussel Mentayaki

Mentayaki will make just about any edible food taste good!
The mussel were cooked to perfection, not over-cooked that it became rubbery.

Kimchi Soup

Funny to have a Korean dish at a Jap restaurant
but who can turn down a bowl of hot delicious kimchi soup?

The taste is a tiny bit too salty for my taste buds
but otherwise it is good.


Well seasoned and cooked.
Not the rubbery kind.

Seaweed...Jelly Fish...Octopus

I love seaweed! 
Especially this type of seaweed as oppose to the dry ones.

However, I found the jelly fish and the octopus is
a bit too salty for me. 

Agedashi Tofu

Deep fried tofu dish.
So crispy on the outside but it is so soft on the inside, 
as if the tofu hasn't even been cooked.

I enjoyed this dish a lot
but too bad we ordered it quite late,
so we were too full for seconds.


What is a buffet meal without desserts right?

Delicious selection of ice-creams.
They have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, sesame flavors.

The chocolate cake is just normal.

They also have sushis, bentos and noodles
but we just didn't have enough stomach space.


Photo Time!

With Phoebe!

With Wuei Ging!

Phoebe and Wuei Ging
two of my oldest friends =D

Some food modeling.

This is the happy face after claiming the entire tray mine!

So happy also!

The next Sashimi model?

We got a pro photographer cum chef
who is also an extreme perfectionist taking our photos.

I like to thank my dear friends
Wuei Ging and Phoebe for treating me to such a
lovely dinner for my birthday.

They have successfully completed their mission
of fattening me up this year!

My stomach and everywhere else has seriously expended!

Thank you darlings for a wonderful fulfilling celebration!

Lots of hugs and kisses to you both


For all you Japanese food lover,
Mitasu is definitely a place you would not want to miss out!

Mitasu Japanese Buffet Restaurant  
B-01 , Central Plaza,
No.34, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur. 

Opening Hours for the A La Carte Buffet: 
Mon~ Fri , 6:00pm~10:00pm (9.15pm last order)
Sat~Sun , 12:00pm~3:00pm (2.30pm last order)
                     6:00pm~10:00pm (9:15pm last order)

Contact: 03-2110 2833 

Time to get drunk on Sashimi!

Enjoy everyone!

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