Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Birthday Celebration with the Girls @ Sushi King

On the 13th February,
I had the amazing privilege to have CNY dinner 
with this amazing group of girls.
Initially, we wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai or Sushi Tei
but they were no place both places.

Thankfully, Sushi King had just cleared a table big enough for the 7 of us.
So, we ended up having dinner at Sushi King
*Well, I was very persuasive when I told the girls that their Yee Sang is awesome =P*

Sushi King's Yee Sang!

I have to say,
it was a really delightful dish!

The combination that Sushi King came out is really unique,
they put some spaghetti in their yee sang combo.
The best part is that they put in a lot of tempura bits.
(Now, who doesn't like tempura)

If you are still craving yee sang,
I absolutely will recommend you to try 
Sushi King's Yee Sang 

Their yee sang promotion will be extended till the 28th February

They have 2 sizes for the yee sang
Mini Yee Sang: RM 8.88
Long Life Yee Sang (big): RM 38.88

*Interesting fact*
Sushi King includes a calorie indication on every dish they serve
I am not sure to be happy or sad about this.

Lou ahhhh...

We were the noisiest table there.
Every one was looking at our table because I think we were disturbing them
Or maybe because they were too many hot girls =P

One blur picture of us before u start the chomping down food!

It was surprisingly fresh.
It has been a long time since I have been to Sushi King.

 Ker Chi...Zoe...Kemmy

When wasabi attack!

Sushi King's wasabi is seriously no joke.
Look, it was so hot, Jess, the gangster couldn't stand it!

If you really love torturing yourself with wasabi,
I definitely recommend going to Sushi King,
I guarantee you will get the kick you are looking for =D 

After her wasabi recovery,
Jess is now the Sushi King's ambassador =P

Got photobombed by the guy behind.
He really wanted to be in the photo too,
look at him doing the peace sign.

So, after I got back from the toilet,
I was surprised with the awesomely 
home-baked chocolate cake by my sister.
(I am telling you, whoever marries her is going to be so lucky!)

Honestly, I did not know my friends were planning to celebrate with me
or that the cake my sister baked was for that evening
because I did not see any cake when we came together

Sister hid the cake in the car boot!

Wishing long and hard in hopes that all will come true this year!

Extremely happy!

It was so great to have celebrated my birthday
with this awesome group of girls.

For those curious people,
I met this group while I was working for Levi's a while back.

I hardly keep in contact with people I work with for any freelance jobs
but because of the legendary gangster Jess
we managed to keep in touch.
*She can be very persistence in a good way =P*


After dinner, we went to The Library.
I got to learn to how to play a fun drinking game.

Ker Chi, my lovely sister

Always love her company!

With Zoe
Sexy huh...

With Zoe... again.
She made so much of effort to join us that night.
Thank you dear!

With the cute Kemmy

And of course, with Jess


I am truly grateful for a wonder night.
It is more than I hoped for.

I can't wait till our next outing =D

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