Sunday, 5 January 2014

Let's Talk About Love

Let's talk about LOVE.


An emotion that will make anyone all
warm and fuzzy, giddy with happiness.

It will leave a girl streaking in excitement
(Well, i'm sure a guy will do the same, don't u lie now =P) 

It will make people do
unexplainable, self-less things for another person.

It is such a powerful emotion that it can make 
a person cross any sea, brave any dangers, do crazy things.

It has the ability to bring a person up.
Encouraging one to achieve the unachievable.
Lifting them up to achieve bigger and better things.

It has the power to change a person's life completely.


Such power it possesses.

When we talk about love,
I believe everyone is thinking about the
girl/boy type of love.


I have seen and heard
my fair share of love stories.

All the happy and heart breaking moments
that comes with the emotion.

It is amazing how much a person can
sacrifice and endure
in the name of love.
love is not only for all those lovey dovey relationship stuff.

There are so many different types of love.
Each with their own functions and purpose.

Love is for everyone
and we should show it to everyone.

There are so many ways to show love to another person.

Love can be a simple act of kindness.

Like helping someone who is in need.

That too, is love for the person.


Or even,
praising someone for their
lovely outfit or their changed in hairstyle.

These are little things that will bright up someone's day,
it will put them in a better mood.


Don't you want to be the person to
make someone else day AWESOME? =D

 Words have that power to do that.
and the best part,
it's freeeeee!

So, don't be stingy,
compliment those around you.


 As mentioned,
love can make people achieve unimaginable things.

Just imagine,
that your genuine care and concern for a person,
may actually compel them to change for the better.

These people, who are down and out,
may start seeing a future of possibilities.

All because YOU
took the time to show some love
by caring =D

Each of us have the power to bring someone up!
Let's bring altruism back in style this year =D

*Altruism is loving/caring without expectation of any rewards/returns


In this new year 2014,
let's all strive to spread the love to all those around us!

Let's all love others
and others will love us too =D

The world needs more love.
Don't you think so?


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