Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Everlasting Memories of Our Loved Ones with Obpedia.com

Recently, I was introduce to Obpedia.com.

It is Asia's first internet based portal that provides a place for 
obituary, memorials, and even pet memorials (specially for u pet lovers).

This portal provides a specific site that is interactive for 
posting information and provides notification like 
location of the wake, memorial services, religious prayers times, 
cremation and burial information.

They also can send information via our phones and emails.

I was so surprised that even services as such is now online!

Just imagine all your messages, pictures, stories of 
your departed loved ones will always be accessible 
wherever and whenever you feel like reminiscing.

On top of that, for those who connect to the site,
this portal will track all the different 
family relationships and create a family tree.

This will be create a detail family tree,
so the future generations will always know their family
and where they come from.

Obpedia.com has now come up with "Pre-Obituary" services
such as recording a 2D Hologram video
which we can record any messages for our loved ones
and it will be given to them when the time comes.


In the effort to promote filial piety among college youth of Malaysia
Obpedia.com and YouthsToday.com
held a eulogy writing competition with the title
"Appreciating our Ancestors and Loved Ones"

To their surprise,
many Malaysian youth took part in the competition.

We, the young generation may be invested in
all our gadgets and enjoying our lifestyle
but we do have filial piety right?
 *we love all our families!*

I was fortunate to attend the press closing of
the eulogy writing competition
where the winners were recognize for their work.

The press closing started with a short address by 
Mr. Mohd Ar Rahman Hussin, Director of Academy Belia,
who has profound passion in educating and building future leaders.

Next, we had the Director of Obpedia.com, Kevin Leow
to explain what is Obpedia.com and
the various services that they provide.

-Prize Giving-

In third place, we have Lisa,
who won RM800

The 1st runner up, Kum Peng Han
won RM1500

And, the grand prize winner,
with the award of RM2000, is Jassie Looi
* Unfortunately she was stuck in traffic that day, so the prize was taken on her behalf*

The winners =D

Filial piety still exist and is strong among Malaysian youth today,
which is proven by the well response that this eulogy competition has brought.

I believe that we have to always remember
our family, our ancestors, our roots
because we are able to be here today
because of them =D

Go show some love to your family today if you have not.

For more info,
do check out
Obpedia.com and YouthToday.com

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