Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Serverfreak Malaysia, The Blogging Savior!

Hello Hello =D

How is everyone?

I'm sure all of you are awesome!

Because it's the holiday season baby!
**Gimme my presents =P**

Looking back on 2013,
it has been an eventful and exciting year for me.

For one, I started blogging like for real, 
after don't know how many fail attempts.

I have some of my friends saying

"Waaa...Ker Yi, so good leh you get to go for events, 
just take few picture and type few words in your blog only"

You have no idea how many HOURS of
beauty sleep I sacrificed just to get the blog template setting right.

OMG! Thinking back of all the hours I spent on 
Blogger and Google looking for tutorials and write ups 
so that I can get the setting I wanted was and still is so (x million) tiring.

Still, I have yet to get the exact blog template setting I want.

Credits: www.trendhunter.com

So, if anyone tell me it's easy,
I might have to contain myself 
so that I don't go crazy on that person
(later my gentle lady-like image gone how? =P) 

Despite being a Gen-Y,
I am really a A-class noobie when it comes to tech.

I was introduce to Serverfreak.

All of you who are thinking of starting a blog or is simply fed up of your old one,
I really think Serverfreak will be able to help
set up your blog and give it the revival it needs =D

Serverfreak specializes in providing web hosting 
solutions for almost all range of purpose:
personal blogs, email solutions, corporate websites, databases and the list goes on.

They will be there to help you through
step by step in setting up your own website.

Because Serverfreak understands 
how much a fuss it is for people like me (stone aged!)

They came up with a 
Serverfreak Wordpress Easy Setup Package!

You can have your blog all up and ready in 10 minutes!

So, now instead of wasting all your energy fixing up your blog,
you can focus on creating New, Exciting content instead.

Isn't that just great!

The Serverfreak Wordpress Easy Setup Package includes

12 GB of Disk Space
50 GB of Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts

Free Domain
(only .com/ .net/ .info/ .biz/ .org)

1 FREE WORDPRESS TEMPLATE fully set up with basic widgets

24/7 Technical Assistance!
(they know we spend much of our time on9 at wee hours) 

First Year: RM 298
Renewal: RM 198/year

All you need is your own blog header and blogging content,
the rest of it will be all taken care of by the 
friendly and ever helpful staff at Serverfreak.

Need more info?

Go check out Serverfreak 


Not only was I educated on how to improve my blog,
I got a chance to celebrate The Butterfly Project Malaysia's Official Website Launch!

I am so honored to be one of the bloggers to be there to celebrate
this new beginning with all the Butterfly team.
*They were all so ecstatic, high with happiness =P*

Their website is hosted by none other than Serverfreak!

The Butterfly Team
Anya...Caroline...Mamasan Tammy...Illy...Farisha Nadia

Thanks to all of their hard work,
all of us enjoyed a wonderful high tea party!

Thank you so much ladies.
You all are awesome!

Our high tea party was held at SHOW.CASE event space
which is over looking a lake.

Such a relaxing venue, perfect for high tea!

Look at the glorious food!
All the yummy cakes and pastries. 

There was also a lovely table spread!
I just love the color theme.
It is just too pretty to eat right?

They even have pretty floral tea cups for us.
Ahhh...I feel so English.

Thank you  
for all the lovely goodies.
*My tummy was satisfied*

Besides that, we had 123 Cheese.my with us again!

Another session of non-stop photo taking.

Our printed picture thanks to 123 Cheese.my

Enjoying our afternoon tea

Was so fortunate to have met up with the 
bubbly Kelly and Karen

With Kelly

With Karen

Finally get to meet the lovely Sabrina in person.
She is so sweet and friendly 
And, she only 19 years old.
*Gosh, I'm getting old*

All in all, it was an education and fun event.

Thank you to all our sponsors
for making the event successful.


Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

123 Cheese.my

SHOW.CASE Event Space
Facebook: SHOW.CASE

and of course, our wonderful community

The Butterfly Project Malaysia

That's all for now.

Hope this post helped some of you aspiring bloggers=D

Merry Christmas everyone!

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