Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Get Your Easy Holiday Look with Benefit Cosmetics

I'm back again!

This time I was so privilege to be invited to 
Benefit's Beauty Bash at Benefit Cosmetic Boutique 
inside of Sephora Starhill Gallery.

Did you know that Sephora has a second floor?

They have a lift inside Sephora to bring you up to
the second floor where Benefit's very own boutique is located.

Which girly girl can ever resist the allure of 
Benefit's pretty and quirky presentation.

I just love all their packaging designs
and how they name each of their products.

 Let's go for a little tour around their shop

The Benefit Boutique is just so pretty!

Just to let you girls know,
at the Benefit Boutique they offer waxing 
to all parts of the body ya.

Their Brow Bar has obviously 
added some new flavors to the mix =P


We were all invited to learn how to get the perfect 
Holiday Look in less than 10 minutes with Benefit cosmetics =D

We have James and out model for the day, Sabby Prue

1st step is to clean the face.

James showing us the Benefit Moisture Prep,
which he used on Sabby.

James holding Fake Up, a cream concealer.

He taught us the secret to healthy glowing looking skin
is to mix this Fake Up cream concealer with High Beam cream highlight
and apply it to the cheek bone area.

Viola, you get an instant glow!

Next is blusher!

For a natural healthy glow, apply some blusher on both cheeks.

Next, we have some eyeliner for Sabby.

Eyeliner is a must!

Followed by some mascara


Look, the left eye is visually larger than the right eye.
The wonders of eyeliner and mascara =D

Lastly, James apply some lip color for Sabby
and her make up is done.

This was all done in less than 10 minutes.

Fast, Simple and Presentable.

Just perfect for us busy girls.

After the presentation,
it was our turn to do our own make up.

You can see all the girls, rushing around to get a mirror
and a place to make up (which was so Hard!).

Although there were many challenges,
we all managed to finish within the given time

 Look at me trying my best to work on my face.

My bare makeup-less face.
*so pale*

My after look.

Went with the natural minimal look =D

Can't tell the difference from my before after right?

My eyes too small, so you can't see the liner

Anywho, I love this Fake Up concealer,
it really did help to brighten up my overall complexion
by lightening some of my eye bags and covering my uneven skin tone.

Here are some of the products I used

The winner of the Benefit make over session was Reiko


With Mamasan, Tammy!

Too many cameras,
don't know which to look at =P

For more information you can visit:

Looking good is indeed the best revenge =P

See Benefit knows best.

Go get pretty with Benefit Cosmetics today!

Till next time.

Enjoy now girls =D

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