Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Easy Online Shopping with MrLens

Beautiful people!

I'm sure everyone is enjoying Christmas =D

It's a holiday after all, how can you not enjoy it...

Recently, I got a chance to do some online shopping!

I discovered MrLens

If you are looking to save some money
but cannot resist those pretty lens/eye wear

MrLens is definitely the site you want to be on.
MrLens provides us with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, 
fast delivery, the most affordable prices and a very convenient process to use.

They are the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and parts of 
Europe, going global and now they are in Asia too!

They carry various brands like
Acuvue, Biomedics, FreshKon, FreshLook, ColorVue
and many many more
at a cheaper price!

Plus, it is so easy to shop at their website

I like the clean and professional layout.
It makes it easy to identify all the items they have
thus, making shopping so much easier =D

For all you Klang Valley folks,

MrLens provides FREE delivery
within the Klang Valley.

I love online shopping
but you have to agree with me that sometimes
the fact that we have to pay postage is a put off no?

So, it's another reason to shop at MrLens.

How do you start shopping at MrLens?

Firstly, you browse through their collection
of eye wear and see what you like

Choose what you like
Then, click on "Add to Cart"

Before checkout and complete the transaction
you need to go register yourself
if you are a new customer.

You put in all your details in like your shipping address
so that the next time you shop here, you don't need to go
through the fuss of typing all those details in again.

Well, I could not resist to shop and got myself 2 pairs of lenses

*Happy happy girl!*

The thing I love most about shopping at MrLens
is that they send me Email Notifications
about the status of my order.

Which I think is really great!

Although, I love online shopping,
there is always this fear that my package
might get lose in the transportation process.

I know many people opt not to shop online because of this

But fear not!

With MrLens, your package will definitely arrive =)


It only took 2 days for my package to arrive

Look they place everything in a nice zip lock bag

The lenses came in nice boxes too.

 The lenses came in packet which minimize the chance of
cutting myself as compared to those lenses in bottle form

Plus, MrLens rewards us
just for recommending their website to others!

Thank you The Butterfly Project Malaysia and MrLens
for giving me the opportunity to discover a wonderful shopping site.

What are you waiting for?

 Be a Smart Shopper, Save money

Shop at MrLens today

For more information

Till next time dearies =D

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