Sunday, 15 December 2013

America's Next Top Model Finalist hits KL City!

Hello everyone...
Christmas is coming again...
I don't really celebrate Christmas but this year might be different
*Jumping on the bandwagon =P*

Last Tuesday, I had the chance to party with the 
America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Finalist
at The Butter Factory, KL. 

It's been a while since I step foot into a club,
so I was looking forward to see what
The Butter Factory had to offer.

My lovely date for the night

It was a wonderful opportunity for me to see the finalist LIVE!

It really does feels a little surreal.

 Everyone have seen or at least heard about the 
America's Next Top Model, 
which is a modelling competition founded by none other that
top model--- Tyra Banks.


If you don't know who Tyra Banks is...


Honestly, I have no words.

Where have you been? Like seriously...
*Shakes head =P*

Well, babies and places where there is no TV or internet are forgiven.


This time, America's Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 20
is the 1st cycle where they have both males and females 
battling it out to earn the prestigious title of 
"America's Next Top Model" 

The winner will be receiving a USD 100,000 national ad campaign with 
GUESS, who was also one of the main prize sponsers for ANTM Cycle 20.

To celebrate this wonderful collaboration of 
GUESS and ANTM Cycle 20,
the top 5 finalist graced us with their presences and
walked the runway with 15 other local models
in GUESS Holiday 2013 Collection.

The top 5 finalist are
(if you don't already know...hehe)
Jourdon Miller

Marvin Cortes

Cory Hindross

Renee Bhagwandeen

Chris Hernandez 

They are absolute hotness!!!


The night was pumped with the finest dance music by Malaysian top DJs,
DJ Goldfish and Blink.

While our ears were entertained with awesome music
we were also entertained by the hot hip hop dance group

The night continues with Joe Flizzow baby!
Havoc!! Havoc!! Havoc!!

I have to say, he kinda looks a little like Jay-Z
right? right?

All the hot dancers for Joe Flizzow

Our emcees for the night
Allan Wu
(host of Amazing Race Asia)
Deborah Henry

The 5 finalist's grand entrance

And then we were given an awesome fashion
show of GUESS Hoilday 2013 Collection
by the 5 finalist and some local models. 

A little picture taking in the process...

After the fashion show,
the lovely emcees had a little Q&A session
with all 5 finalist.

You can just see the amount of camera flashes
all directed at them when they were up there,
it's enough to make anyone dizzy =P

DJ Goldfish and Blink
working hard to bring us great music

All in all, the night was great,
how can it not be right, after we got to see some hot hot models!
*Screaming like fan girl*


My outfit for the night

Went with the all black look again

Top and Bottom from Bangkok

Check out my Gaga inspired shoes!
Another steal from Bangkok,
gotta love that place!

Tip: Have to be worn on flat ground,
other than that, it is madly comfortable =D


Go check out #LOVEGUESS
for more photos and comments about the night.
Plus, there were many video shared too.
I saw one of Cory dancing!

Go check out the latest GUESS Holiday look
at your nearest GUESS stores =D

That's all for now...

Stay tune for the next post...


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