Wednesday, 13 November 2013

[Adv] Mireica...Miracle in a sachet.

Hello Everyone!

How has November been treating you?

Seriously, it is already November.
I can't believe how fast time is passing.
I know I am constantly saying this but 
I still can't comprehend the speed at which time is passing=P
I am bit slow.
*Yeah...Go on laugh*

A little while back I was given a product called Mireica® Nutri Peau to try.

What is this Mireica® Nutri Peau?

Some of you probably have the same reaction 
I did the first time I heard of it.
"What is this?"

Mireica® Nutri Peau 
is a nutritional supplement drink to help us
maintain a healthy and youthful skin.

There really is just so much we can do on the outside.

Skincare and make up can help us to a certain extend
but if our skin originally is not in a good condition,
no matter how much we take care on the outside
our complexion will always be the same or possibly worst
from the excessive application of makeup. 

So, what is on the inside matters=D
(This is true for all things too no? hehe..)
Every time I go for facials
the beautician always say I need to start taking care of my skin
because there are signs of aging! *OMG*

Therefore, I have been looking for a product 
to help my skin repair and regenerate from the inside.

But there are so many products out there, I don't know which to choose.
So, this product came at a good time.

This drink has been proven to have all these qualities
  • 1000 times more potent than conventional Vitamin E in inhibiting lipid per oxidation
  • 40 times higher singlet oxygen quenching rate than beta-carotene
  • stimulate biosynthesis of elastin and collagen
  • improve lipids synthesis, replenish essential skin lipids and restore lipidic balance
  • improve skin barrier function and water-retaining properties
  • superior moisturizing effect with moisturizing ratio of 35%
  • replenish bioactive lipid that regulates cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis
  • inhibit melanogenesis and promote a pigment lightening effect
  • exhibit a stronger whitening effect when compared to ascorbic acid, arbutin and ellagic acids
  • maintaining proliferative activity of skin stem cells
  • up-regulate genes involved in delay of senescence and repair of DNA

I have been consuming this product for about 3 weeks now. 
There has not been much changes 
but I cannot expect it to work overnight.
These things do take time to manifest and show=)

However, I did notice that my skin tone is less dull
after just 3 weeks of consumption.

I am looking forward to see what miracles 
it will perform after 3 months...

How to consume Mireica® Nutri Peau?

It is recommended to be consume with cold water.

From experience, you MUST consume it with COLD WATER
or any other chilled juices.

 If not, the drink will taste kind of fishy.
That fishy taste kind of remind me of Cot liver oil.
My tolerance level for fishiness is relatively low,
so anything too fishy I will immediately reject.

But, this drink if mixed with COLD water,
actually taste quite nice.
It taste a little bit like the raspberry soft drink=)

 It really is easy to consume,
just pour one sachet into cold water
Stir till powder dissolve and
drink it immediately

It is best to take Mireica on a daily basis on an empty stomach,
this is so your body can absorb as much nutrients as possible.

Drink it first thing in the morning or before bedtime ya=D

This is my small experience with the product,
so far the progress is slow but there is progress.
This product is selling at RM178 for a box of 30 sachet.
If you are interested to know more
Do visit their website Mireica 
or you can also visit Plicco  
to get yourself a box to try today=D

Remember to take care of yourself from the inside
That is where true beauty lies=D

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