Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bring out your inner beauty with Neubodi!

As you all know,
October is the PINK Month, which is the breast cancer awareness month.

If you have absolutely no idea there is such a thing, now you know.
Ignorance is not always blissful=P

 In the effort to promote this awareness,
Neubodi had a little PINK Ensemble party.

My sister and I were fortunate to be invited to join Neubodi at their One Utama outlet.

 Ms. Estee

What is Neubodi???

Neubodi was grounded as the first ever Bra Fitting Specialist in Malaysia, with the emphasis of giving our customers a professional fitting experience upon every lingerie purchase. We ensure all our bra-fitting professionals are impeccable at providing a warm personalized fitting solution that includes choosing and sharing the methods of wearing a right-fitted bra, as well as the concept of proper brassiere care. On top of statistical measurements, we practice a holistic fitting method using the unique hand measuring technique to help women find the right bra that is best suited to their shape,” 
Bra Fitting Specialist & General Manager of Neubodi, Ms Estee Ong.

Girls, like myself, spend so much of time focusing on the outer looks 
that we ignore our inner looks, which are so much more important.

With inner beauty comes outer confidence=D

So many women today are wearing the wrong fitted bras
and wearing the wrong bras really affect our 
boobies, posture and our overall outlook.

Thank goodness we have Neubodi to 
help women like me,who have no idea what fits me best,
to find the best bra for me!

 All the guest.

 Some of their products

They have so many different designs to cater for everyone.
Plus, their stores have all the wonderful bra fitting experts 
to help us find the right bra to take home=D

They even had a bra makeover session to show us the 
before and after difference of having the right fitted bra.

These 2 ladies were the lucky ones that were picked for the makeover.

This is their after look!
Sexy and confident.

Ms. Estee showing us the change in posture after having the right fitted bra.

After that, the event continued with 3 monologue 
of real life women who battled with breast cancer and survived.

Their experiences were read by
Ms Anushya Safira, Marketing and PR, Manager of Neubodi
while the lovely models acted out the scenes flawlessly.
For me, the highlight of the event was the monologue.

It is a rather creative method of sharing the different experiences.
It was funny, interesting and at the same time touching.
I almost teared up.

Some of the local celebrities also attended the event to show their support

Some food to keep our tummies satisfied=D

Besides being bra fitting experts, Neubodi also joined hands with
Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) 
Free The Girls Association: Fighting Human Trafficking 
to create awareness in accordance with the PINK month.

Neubodi held a campaign to collect old bras' for donation
by having Bra Bins at all their outlets.

It was explained to us how one donated bra 
can actually help another woman across 
the world to earn a living!

How awesome is that!

Neubodi managed to collect 5361 brassieres within 27 days 
which means there were at least 28 brassieres donation within 
Neubodi’s seven outlets throughout the campaign.

It is so great that there is a channel for us to donate our bras
because I, personally don't know what to do with my old ones 
except to throw them away.

Typical activity while waiting for the event to start.

What are you girls waiting for?

Head on down to your the nearest Neubodi outlet
and get THE bra 
that will enhance your inner beauty
to create outer confidence!

For more information
Do visit their website

You can also visit Neubodi outlets:

~ One Utama Shopping Centre
~ Empire Shopping Gallery
~ Hartamas Shopping Center
~ AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang
~ Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
~ Bangsar Village II
~ Paradigm Mall 


My so called Pink outfit for the day

Pink Outer wear: ZARA
Bodycon Dress: Cotton On
Spike Loafers: From China
Bag: From China


Remember outer beauty is important
but don't neglect your inner needs too!

Have a wonderful November
*Omg! it's the 2nd last month of the year!*

Last 2 months to achieve your goals for the year!


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