Friday, 8 November 2013

Bangkok #7: The Famous Street Food outside of Central World Mall

Hi Everyone=D

It's another Bangkok update!

You must have thought I was done,
this is the last post...
for this year=P

My sis and I had such a good 1st experience there
we already bought our flight tickets for our next trip!

We going in March next year.
Another round of crazy shopping and non-stop eating!
*Can't wait*


If you are ever in Bangkok, you must try these food stalls
located along the streets just
 outside of Central World shopping mall

You must try it!

They serve mostly grilled food.

Their specialties

Grilled Fish
- Coated with salt and grilled to perfection
- The fish meat is moist and absolutely delicious 
(the salt helped to keep the moist in)

Grilled Chicken
- Nice and tender chicken 
- Combination of chicken and the sauce gives you perfection!

There are actually a few stalls 
situated at this area and they serve almost the same thing. 

So you can just find a place to sit and order=D

Besides the fish and chicken,
we also ate their stir-fry kangkung.

It was yummy=D

This is a plate of complimentary dish 
they serve it to every table.

This is about 8pm.

This place is always packed with people.
There were many foreigners enjoying the food,
however, this place also draws many locals.

When we got there, we had to wait a while for a table.

It is that good!

So you must go try when you get the chance!


Little sister

I seriously could not believe we finished everything!

It really was so much of food for the both of us.
*our eyes were greedy, we wanted to try everything*

For a tourist area, the price was fairly cheap.

Whole Fish: 150 Baht
Half Chicken: 80 Baht
Vegetables: 100 Baht

Remember it is located along the streets outside of Central World Mall.
You won't missed it if you walk along the road.

You must...You must...You must...
try this place whenever you visit Bangkok=D

Finally, I reached the final post on my Bangkok trip.

I am looking forward to my next getaway to Bangkok.

Till next time=)


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