Friday, 29 November 2013

[Adv] ADORE Macttalic Contact Lens Giveaway

Yoohooo lovelies=D

Coming to the last moments of November,
How was your November?

And again,
I cannot imagine we are already coming to December.

Bye bye 2013...Hello 2014...

But before we say sayonara to 2013,
we have to properly celebrate the ending to this wonderful year.
Even if there were many ups and downs,
I am sure we all became strong because of it all.

That's reason enough for me to celebrate.

So, quickly plan your celebration 
or you can always just crash some party=P


Recently, I was introduce to ADORE Macttalic

ADORE Macttalic 
is the latest range of color cosmetic lens
that is designed to enlarge your eyes (Yayyyy!)
while giving you a sweet, stylish and sexy look.

They come in 5 vibrant metallic colors that 
will surely leave your eyes looking that much more alluring.

 It comes in 5 shades:  
light green, grey, hazel, light blue and amethyst

Some say that your eyes are the windows to your soul.
Why not enlarge and beautify those windows
 so, other people can see all your beautiful and kind hearted souls

I chose the Grey and also the Amethyst color.

I wore grey colored lens before so I am pretty use to it 
so this time I wanted something different and 
I felt that Amethyst would be a nice color to try.

All ADORE Macttalic lenses comes in a pretty black plastic case.

I find it absolutely pretty and sopisticated.
Plus, they would be perfect as gifts!
(Christmas present dilemma SOLVE =P) 

The contact lens are nicely packed in packet cases.

Personally, I find it so much more easier and safer 
to open packet cases rather than bottled ones
because being the klutz that I am,
I, somehow, always end up cutting my fingers 
when I try to open the bottled lens (T.T)

A closer look.

I must say I am impress with the overall look itself.

Now, lets see what the lens can do to my eyes


Now, don't I look like I have more character?

 I got my eyes on you now=P

To be honest, I was not use to the color at first,
I found it a little too bright,
but after a while, the color settles quite well.

Now, I love it!

 Before ADORE Macttalic Amethyst lens,
my eyes were just mehhh...
(Of course, I love my eyes a lot, or not how I see every day=P)

But, after ADORE Macttalic Amethyst lens,
my eyes are Woohoo!

Bigger and dare I say more alluring =P

If you are looking for something different
and you love attention
Amethyst is a good color to try out=D


Time for the grey colored one

I love the grey color, it is just perfect for every day wear.

I find the color is just at the right intensity
that it gives a bright and sharper overall look.

The before and after look.

You can see that it enlarges and gives a brighter sharper look.

Fresh new look with the different colors=D


Comfort Level

I would have to rate ADORE Macttalic lens
a 10/10 for their comfort.

It is unlike other lenses that I have tried,
where during the 1st wearing
it will be slightly uncomfortable that I might tear 
and my eyes go reddish.

The moment the lens touched my eyes,
it is as though I am not wearing anything.

It is really very comfortable.

ADORE Macttalic lens has a 55% water content
therefore, the comfort level will remain all day long.

Plus, the lens also can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

It beautifies your eyes and protects it at the same time!
Now isn't that just the loveliest combo=D 



The size of the lens is
14.5mm diameter / 8.6mm base curve 

I find this to be just the right size for me 
because I have naturally small eyes,
so this diameter sized lens will enlarge my eyes
without making it looking to dolly like.

All in all, it gives a more natural look.

I absolutely love it!


Where to buy it?

It is available at any Focus Point outlets.

Visit their website Focus Point Malaysia
for a list of their outlets locations. 



Are you a Hello Kitty fan???

If you are, good news!

Now, ADORE is giving out 

Just purchase Any 2 boxes of ADORE Imagene or Macttalic lenses at RM 90
and a bottle of this cutesy Hello Kitty fragrance will be yours!

 They will be giving out a different colored bottles every week.
So don't miss out on a chance to collect this cute set

Red Color: 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2013
Blue Color: 2 Dec - 8 Dec 2013
Purple Color: 9 Dec - 15 Dec 2013

Green Color: 16 Dec - 22 Dec 2013
Pink Color: 23 Dec - 31 Dec 2013

What are you waiting for?

Go visit your nearest Focus Point today=D



In this coming month of December,
it is the season of giving!  

ADORE is giving away 2 boxes of ADORE Macttalic 
to all you lovely readers!

Get ADORE Macttalic for FREE!

 All good things must be shared right? =P

 Just follow the simple steps below
and you will be on your way to get these amazing lens.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winners will be contacted by ADORE
on the 31st of Dec 2013.

 Share this awesome giveaway with your friends
It is the season of giving=D
The best of luck everyone.

Have a GREATTT December!


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