Friday, 29 November 2013

[Adv] ADORE Macttalic Contact Lens Giveaway

Yoohooo lovelies=D

Coming to the last moments of November,
How was your November?

And again,
I cannot imagine we are already coming to December.

Bye bye 2013...Hello 2014...

But before we say sayonara to 2013,
we have to properly celebrate the ending to this wonderful year.
Even if there were many ups and downs,
I am sure we all became strong because of it all.

That's reason enough for me to celebrate.

So, quickly plan your celebration 
or you can always just crash some party=P


Recently, I was introduce to ADORE Macttalic

ADORE Macttalic 
is the latest range of color cosmetic lens
that is designed to enlarge your eyes (Yayyyy!)
while giving you a sweet, stylish and sexy look.

They come in 5 vibrant metallic colors that 
will surely leave your eyes looking that much more alluring.

 It comes in 5 shades:  
light green, grey, hazel, light blue and amethyst

Some say that your eyes are the windows to your soul.
Why not enlarge and beautify those windows
 so, other people can see all your beautiful and kind hearted souls

I chose the Grey and also the Amethyst color.

I wore grey colored lens before so I am pretty use to it 
so this time I wanted something different and 
I felt that Amethyst would be a nice color to try.

All ADORE Macttalic lenses comes in a pretty black plastic case.

I find it absolutely pretty and sopisticated.
Plus, they would be perfect as gifts!
(Christmas present dilemma SOLVE =P) 

The contact lens are nicely packed in packet cases.

Personally, I find it so much more easier and safer 
to open packet cases rather than bottled ones
because being the klutz that I am,
I, somehow, always end up cutting my fingers 
when I try to open the bottled lens (T.T)

A closer look.

I must say I am impress with the overall look itself.

Now, lets see what the lens can do to my eyes


Now, don't I look like I have more character?

 I got my eyes on you now=P

To be honest, I was not use to the color at first,
I found it a little too bright,
but after a while, the color settles quite well.

Now, I love it!

 Before ADORE Macttalic Amethyst lens,
my eyes were just mehhh...
(Of course, I love my eyes a lot, or not how I see every day=P)

But, after ADORE Macttalic Amethyst lens,
my eyes are Woohoo!

Bigger and dare I say more alluring =P

If you are looking for something different
and you love attention
Amethyst is a good color to try out=D


Time for the grey colored one

I love the grey color, it is just perfect for every day wear.

I find the color is just at the right intensity
that it gives a bright and sharper overall look.

The before and after look.

You can see that it enlarges and gives a brighter sharper look.

Fresh new look with the different colors=D


Comfort Level

I would have to rate ADORE Macttalic lens
a 10/10 for their comfort.

It is unlike other lenses that I have tried,
where during the 1st wearing
it will be slightly uncomfortable that I might tear 
and my eyes go reddish.

The moment the lens touched my eyes,
it is as though I am not wearing anything.

It is really very comfortable.

ADORE Macttalic lens has a 55% water content
therefore, the comfort level will remain all day long.

Plus, the lens also can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

It beautifies your eyes and protects it at the same time!
Now isn't that just the loveliest combo=D 



The size of the lens is
14.5mm diameter / 8.6mm base curve 

I find this to be just the right size for me 
because I have naturally small eyes,
so this diameter sized lens will enlarge my eyes
without making it looking to dolly like.

All in all, it gives a more natural look.

I absolutely love it!


Where to buy it?

It is available at any Focus Point outlets.

Visit their website Focus Point Malaysia
for a list of their outlets locations. 



Are you a Hello Kitty fan???

If you are, good news!

Now, ADORE is giving out 

Just purchase Any 2 boxes of ADORE Imagene or Macttalic lenses at RM 90
and a bottle of this cutesy Hello Kitty fragrance will be yours!

 They will be giving out a different colored bottles every week.
So don't miss out on a chance to collect this cute set

Red Color: 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2013
Blue Color: 2 Dec - 8 Dec 2013
Purple Color: 9 Dec - 15 Dec 2013

Green Color: 16 Dec - 22 Dec 2013
Pink Color: 23 Dec - 31 Dec 2013

What are you waiting for?

Go visit your nearest Focus Point today=D



In this coming month of December,
it is the season of giving!  

ADORE is giving away 2 boxes of ADORE Macttalic 
to all you lovely readers!

Get ADORE Macttalic for FREE!

 All good things must be shared right? =P

 Just follow the simple steps below
and you will be on your way to get these amazing lens.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winners will be contacted by ADORE
on the 31st of Dec 2013.

 Share this awesome giveaway with your friends
It is the season of giving=D
The best of luck everyone.

Have a GREATTT December!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

1Utama Wonder Food Adventure!

What to eat ahh?

Don't know la.
Anything la.

You decide,
I follow only.

The typical lazy Malaysian way of thinking 
when it comes to selecting food eateries  
(or maybe it's just me =P)

I am sure we all have experienced this dilemma
when we don't know where to eat.

Fear not!

1Utama Food Street is the solution to all your food dilemmas

They have a wide variety of food that will leave you salivating and craving for more=D

 Did you know that 1Utama is the 4th BIGGEST mall in the WORLD!!!

Malaysia not bad right...

Since it is one of the biggest mall in the world, 
of course they have tons of eateries for you to choose from.

On the 4th-24th of November was the 1Utama Wonder Food event,
where 1Utama gave many rewards and activities to all their ONECARD users.

People that did not have the ONECARD still got to enjoy
all the yummy food selection and activities available
but by being a 1Utama loyalty card holder you get so much more privileges.  

So, in conjunction with the Wonder Food event,
1Utama collaborated with The Butterfly Project,
to bring 50 of us bloggers to sample the amazing food selection at
1Utama's Food Street!
 ***Mega Excited to gobble all the food***

The Butterfly Project's Mamasan, Tammy
getting us all extra excited at the registration area.

There are many food restaurants located along the Food Street
however, we were fortunate to have 15 awesome eateries 
that participated in this Food Hunt.
LG Promenade:
SS2 Goreng Pisang
Ninja Joe
 Seaweed Club
I Love Yoo
Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo
Oyster King
Mr Cendol
Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights

LG Highstreet:
BBQ Chicken
Food Box
Vivo American Pizza and Panini

Armed and ready with my food passport and with a huge appetite!
*Food passports were given to us to collect stamps of the place that we visited=)*

Let's begin the mouth-watering adventure!

1. Ninja Joe

My first stop was Ninja Joe

This is only my 2nd time eating Ninja Joe
because I didn't quite enjoy it the very first time I tried it
when they 1st came out.

But, I was so surprise that they now have a whole new range
of YUMMY burgers!

They serve many interesting variety of burgers
that I can't wait for my next visit there!
*Hungry face!*

So, me and my sis order the Hikkori Burger.

Cutesy sized burger which comes with
a juicy barbequed pork patty served with bacon. 
*Heaven in every bite*

  I was so happy!
Food like finally=D

Personally, I rather enjoyed the burger.
The patty was juicy and well seasoned.

You people with spare parts phobia
need not worry when you dine at Ninja Joe.
*you people don't know what you are missing out=P*

Craving for a humble size burger meal, Ninja Joe is the place to go=D

Must Try:
Burger sets

2. Ko Hyang Country Delights

Craving for korean?

Ko Yang Country Delights will help satisfy that craving.

The side dishes.

One of their must try

Bi Bim Bab
(Rice mixed with vegetables, chili paste and beef / chicken)

Kim Chi Ji Gae
Perfect to warm that tummy of yours.
It is served with a bowl of rice.

Our Korean spread=D

Selca with food is a must=P

Ko Hyang Country Delights served
authentic traditional country styled home cook food.

It's the feeling of home with every bite.

Must Try:
 Bi Bim Bab
Kim Chi Ji Gae
Bul Go Gi Bokem

3. Oyster King

Usually, I will never stop and eat this kind of street food in the mall
because I will just end up being disappointed...

Oyster King has given me hope!
*Drama Much*

Their must try signature dish

Fried Oyster 

Only RM 9

They give generous amount of oysters to my surprise.

As for the taste, I was not expecting much 
but boy was I wrong,
this plate of fried oyster is absolutely mouth watering.

 Spicy Seafood Noodles
RM 8.50

Even the aunty was patiently waiting

 At Oyster King, you can get a premium selection of
Garlic Oysters, O-Chien, Spicy Seafood Noodle, Seafood Noodle Soup

Now, we can all enjoy the BEST of Malaysian street food
right here in 1Utama Food Street.

Must Try:
Garlic Oysters
Fried Lala Mee Hoon

4. SS2 Goreng Pisang 

 Fried banana fritters or
 as we Malaysian called it, Goreng Pisang
is one of the most enjoyed local street food.

Now, we don't have to wait for the next night market
or hope that the stall at the road side opens
to enjoy these fritters.

You can now get these mouth-watering selection
at 1Utama.
*Makan then Shop then Makan again...Joy!*

 One of their must try
Fried sweet glutinous rice cake with yam and sweet potato

Look at me eying that delicious looking piece of goodness

Must try:
Banana Fritter 
Fried sweet glutinous rice cake with yam and sweet potato
Prawn Fritters

5. I Love Yoo! 老油鬼鬼

I Love Yoo! 
is a great place if you want to have a light meal at an affordable price=D

They are famous for their 
Fried Dough stick, freshly made Soya Bean and Porridge.

Fried dough stick is also know as 
"You Tiao" is the Mandarin
"Yao Char Kuai" in Cantonese 

The delicious fried dough selection

 Enjoying every bite=D

 Head over to I Love Yoo! for some authentic Chinese snack.

Must Try:
Fried Dough stick
Soya Bean

6. Eat and Happy Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo are basically fish paste stuffed in vegetables or different type of tofu, 
which are then either deep fried or served in a clear soup.

 At Eat and Happy Yong Tau Foo, 
they have abundant of choices for you to choose from
which includes various types of fried items and vegetables.

   All the different selection of Yong Tau Foo.
The price is at RM 1.50 per piece.

The on-going promotion that they offer.

You can 1 piece of Yong Tau Foo or noodles at RM 1.50.

Another one of their sets:
 3 Yong Tau Foo + Any Type Noodles for RM7.90

For a hearty home-made goodness,
give Eat and Happy Yong Tau Foo a try.

7. Seaweed Club

 This is a MUST try
when you are at 1Utama!

Seaweed Club serves delicious seaweed popiah
wrapped with crunchy goodness!

*Ok , so now everyone knows I'm a seaweed popiah fanatic*

These innocent looking rolls are packed with the
all the healthy goodness!

These rolls are generously filled with vegetable 
like cucumber, carrot, seng kuang.

On top of that, 
tons of crispy crispy, chicken floss and their special sauce
is added into the seaweed roll.

They have 5 different flavors for you to choose from 

Original, Spicy, Wasabi, Tuna, Vegetarian 

My sis and I ordered the Wasabi and Spicy flavors

All the rolls are carefully wrapped

1 Seaweed Rolls is RM 6
Buy 2 rolls and you get a FREE Soya Milk.

8. Bisou


Desserts are probably a girl's best friend
because they will never fail to lift your emotions through the tummy=D
Well...unless the desserts are horrible then gone la...

You would never be disappointed with the selection of desserts from Bisou.

One of their famous cake
---Rainbow Cake---

Some of their other selection

You can't buy Happiness
but a Cupcake can most definitely bring you some of it.

Only RM 6 for 1 cupcake.
Buy 5 free 1 cupcake.

If you are ever in need of a sugar fix,
Bisou will be there to satisfy that.

Must Try:
Dream Come True Rainbow Square

9. Mr. Cendol

Mr. Cendol is originally from the small town of Setiawan.

They even got a front page feature!

Now don't need to travel all the way to Setiawan to
enjoy one of Malaysia's local delicacies.

You can now enjoy a bowl of cold delicious cendol
in a comfortable and cozy environment=D

A bowl of cendol is just perfect to battle the increasingly humid weather we face.
Enjoy a bowl today at only RM 4.50

Got to meet some fun bloggers while we were filling out tummies

Slurping down a nice cold bowl of cendol.

Must Try:
Cendol Mangkuk
Cendol Special 

10. Molten LAVA

Located at LG Highstreet,
Molten LAVA is the place to be for swissrolls, macaroons and deep fried churros.

Swissroll collection=D


Freshly deep fried churros 

Churros aka Spanish doughnut, is a fried dough pastry.   

Molten LAVA's speciality
Cinnamon Sugar Churros 

It is crunchy and sweet.
Absolute perfection=D

11. Food Box 

Food Box, which is located just next to Molten LAVA
serves a variety of Chinese stir fried cooked food.

It is a quick, satisfying and reasonable choice.

They serve predominantly rice sets but they do have noodles too=D

This round we opted to try their Kuih Kosui.
It is not too sweet and the shredded coconut gave a great finishing taste.

Must Try:
 Rice Bowl Cake
Hakka Braised Pork Rice

12. Vivo American Pizza and Panini

 Our 12th stop Vivo
by this time you can gauge how big of an eater I really am=D
Food is happiness yo!

Pro menu selfie

Their specialty--- Pizza!
*Like duh=P*

We had the choice of trying their pizza and their Volcanic Chocolate with Ice-cream

Like typical Malaysian,
we ordered both!
Even though our stomachs were screaming for us to stop.

But, come on who in the right mind,
can say no to this delicious plate of heaven!

Vivo's Volcanic Chocolate with Ice-cream
is a must have!

Just look at all the chocolaty goodness just oozing out!

With every bite

comes happiness!

Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza

And of course, how can we forget the pizza.

Volcanic Chocolate and Ice-cream is RM 15.90
Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza is RM 12.90

These 2 dishes are one of the top 10 signature dishes at Vivo.

For you rice lovers,
Vivo also serves rice dishes besides the western ones.

This is a great place to stop by for a nice meal 
before resuming your shopping at 1Utama=D

Must Try:
Top 10 Signature Dishes

13. BBQ Chicken 

We did not get a chance to sample some yummy chicken 
because our tummy expanded beyond it's capacity.
BBQ Chicken is not Barbeque but 
Best of the Best Quality (BBQ) Chicken.
They are the No.1 franchise in Korea.
Only after 4 years since they started in 1995, 
they already have 1000 outlets!

This is a sign that they serve excellent chicken!
Plus, they use Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook their chicken!
I already know what to eat the next time
I am at 1Utama=D

I should just go become some menu model.
*Wonder whether i make the food look less appetizing=P haha!*

Must Try:
Olive Oil Fried Chicken
Korean Charbroilled
Jerk BBQ Chicken
Hot Hot Drums
 There were 15 stops but we only managed to cover 13 of them
because there was no more time and my poor tummy was screaming for help!
*Fullll untillll* 

We missed out 
Lammeeya & Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
I heard they are awesome must try outlets too!
This just proves that 1Utama really has a wide variety of food 
that can satisfy any craving!
You can now get all your favorite local delights all under one roof,
there is no need to sit long hours in the car to Penang or Melaka 
to enjoy these amazing dishes.

1Utama was so kind to offer all of us a 
free ONECARD membership with a RM50 gift card!
*More shopping, Yayyyyy!*

Some of you might be wondering 
"What is this ONECARD?"
ONECARD is a 1 Utama's official privilege card. 

What are the benefits?

You can earn UPoints just by spending at the participating outlets in 1Utama.
You get 1 UPoint for every RM1 you spend.
These points can be accumulated and be use like cash!

How awesome is that!!!

So you are kinda recycling your money
because you spend the money but it comes back to you eventually=)

ONECARD can also be used as a prepaid parking ticket for hassle-free parking. 
It works as a eco-friendly initiative to reduce the use of parking tickets. 
With ONECARD membership, you are also able to have an exclusive entry to 
members-only parking at ONECARD Preferred Parking & Platinum Parking 
area at a CHEAPER RATE !!
 I am so going to do all my shopping at 1Utama now!
Can get the chance to flash my cute ONECARD mahhh=P

What you all waiting for?
Go apply one now=D


Quick photo snap with Fishie 
while queuing up to register for out ONECARD
*She so cute and soft spoken=D*
 A big THANK YOU to 1Utama and The Butterfly Project Team 
for organizing this AMAZING food journey!
~~~Thank youuuuu!~~~ 

I do hope that this post can help you all to avoid any 
food dilemmas when you go shopping at 1Utama.
Maybe now, you all have more reason to shop at 1Utama

For more information, please visit

Do check out The Butterfly Project
for many more exciting updates and events.
 Show your love and support by liking their facebook page
*It's just a click of a button, so easy*

Finally done with my long food post.
Now I am hungry

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