Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Unconventional Work Wear: Leopard Prints.

Hello everyone!

I'm backkk!

If you follow me on Facebook
you would know that I was in Kuching for the weekend for work.

My 1st time ever to East Malaysia!
*this just show how much of a Malaysian I am=p*

Although, I was stuck in one place most of the time,
I had an awesome time working there because Kuching peeps are absolutely awesome!

Plus, the stay there was all the more enjoyable 
because we got to stay a Greatttttt hotel...

But, I will reserve that for my next post=P

Today, will be an outfit post. 

Work wears are always all in serious tones and cuts
so to give others the sense of professionalism.

But, something bosses should take note is that 
we, the Gen-Y, favor flexibility,
even for our dressing we appreciate the freedom to dress as we like
*decently dressed la of course=P*

 So, I opted to go a bit fierce (or wild, if you prefer=p) 
with some leopard prints!

Wahhh...The so-called "Diva" pose.
What a fail attempt=P
Macam yes...Tapi obviously no...

 Beaded details on my top=D

 Chiffon Beaded Top: Forever 21
Leopard Skirt: Times Square (Only RM29!)
Shoes: Mango
Sunglasses: Bangkok

So, what do you think?

Be a bit daring this week...

Go wild!
but not too wild=p

If you like it,
share it with your friends.

Have a great week ahead!

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