Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hair loss? BioTHIK Pro is the answer.

Hello my lovelies=D

Recently, I was invited to witness the launch of 
BioTHIK Pro in Malaysia
during the Beauty Expo at KL Convention Centre.

Some of you are probably thinking what is this BioTHIK? 

BioTHIK is brand that provides a solution to all your hair worries.

 They offer wide range of hair clinicare products and hair growth treatment 
that can help assist you in allowing your hair to appear and feel at its best. 

The crucial 3-stage protocol that can help you achieve healthier hair are
  • Cleansing and Preventing,
  • Stabilizing and Stimulating
  • Concealing and Maintaining.
The hair and scalp should be kept scrupulously clean to maintain a good head appearance.
Beautiful hair is shiny, has resilience and elasticity.
It is neither too limp nor too dry.
In other words it is well balanced, having a smooth finish and a soft touch.

What? Having hair lost?

No worries!

BioTHIK will come to your rescue!

 You can now get healthier and fully looking hair in JUST 30sec!

30sec! Crazy fast right...

The launch started off with the brand and product introduction by
Mr. Daniel Yao

After that , we had Dr. Tan Ling Ling to explain more on
the products and also the answer the tough questions given by the floor=D

An impromptu appearance by Winnee Loo, founder of A-Cut Above,
who highly recommended this product!
Coming from an establish hair professional, I think we can trust that it works no?
She wasn't paid to sing praises mind you=P

The crowd
All the local artists, saloon representatives and bloggers=D


All the bloggers busy snapping away...

All the gorgeous models showcasing the latest
BioTHIK Pro products design for the saloons.

After the launch, we were all ushered to the BioTHIK booth in the Beauty Expo.

The booth was crowded with people...

We were ushered to the BioTHIK booth for a demonstration 
of their latest high-tech machine that can help with determining 
your scalp condition among other things.

This machine is meant for saloon used.
So, you can all get a through check of scalp condition=D

 Here are their product range.

One of their most popular product is 
BioTHIK Hair Building Fiber
Just flake some on your hair 
after 30 sec

You now have volumized hair!

They have 11 different colors to select from to suit your hair color=D

It is recommended to use it together with the
BioTHIK Fiber Locking Mist 

It is to help to keep all the hair fibers in place.

Me with the new mean machine=D

Me and fellow bloggers

Sister and I

Kimberley...Jess...Sabrina...Ker Chi...

Thank you Sabrina for inviting all of us for the event=D

Do check her out at He&She

Here are the door gift we received.

...Hair Building Fiber; Scalp Cleansing Foam II; Hair Texture Protector...

Scalp Cleansing Foam II help in reducing flaking and control excess oil excretion.
It is scientifically formulated for anti-dandruff, oil control and thinning hair. 
Proven effective against dandruff with daily use and increases the rate of hair growth.
It contains a curative ingredient for scurf reduction and scalp nutrient for thinning hair.

BioTHIK Hair Texture Protector is specially for conditioning hair without a greasy problem.
  It is fortified with Marine collagen + 7 Herbs + D Panthenol to enrich and balance hair moisture, a patented formula that can leave hair smooth and silky. 
 It nourishes and provides vital moisture and shine while restoring hair to its full strength. 
It also energizes and protects hair from harsh styling products.

I was so happy to have got full size products from BioTHIK.

Time to get back some of my hair!

I am losing too much of hair nowadays...
My thick hair is now so thin...

For more info, please visit BioTHIK's website

Get back you hair, Get back your confidence!

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