Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Black. Striped. Sheer.

Beautiful people of the world!!!

How are you all doing?

Great, I presume?

Time for an outfit post.

Today is another black outfit.
I really do need more colors in my wardrobe...



Black and white never fails.
It can be worn for pretty much any occasion 
(maybe not during the Lunar new year...It's bad luck apparently=p)

Most importantly,
it is slimming!

That is the most important point right, ladies?

 I went with a sheer long skirt with a little peekaboo effect at the legs...

Paired this skirt with a cropped t-shirt that i got from Bangkok.
The skirt and the top were both at the right length,
so nothing too extreme was expose,
like say my bulging tummy...
*The horror!*

 Crop Top: From Bangkok

Sheer Skirt: H&M
Bag: From China
Shoes: Forever 21

Loving these wedges that I got from Bangkok's Forever21.
Super comfy!

Thinking of ways to wear this skirt?

 *Ahhh...So bright!...*

It is already a week into October!

Gosh, time is running faster and faster.

I have so many things that I want to achieve and time is running out.

Time management is something I have to perfect...Quickly=p

However, old habits dies hard.

I am, after all, been called the Queen of Procrastinators.
Not a title I am proud of kay!
---Change is in progress. I promise=D---

I got my eye on my goals.

Stay focus 
Success will be ours!

October will be a great month.

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