Monday, 14 October 2013

Black and Red


Hello my beautifuls=D

How are all of you doing so far?

I have not been getting enough of sleep recently,
there simply is no time!

Too much of things to do
or maybe it's just me over thinking every thing.

***White hairs are growing!!!***

 Recently, I realize I am not much of a risk taker,
always playing it safe and by the rules.
 Pretty rigid huh...

Thankfully, I have my sis,
who is the total opposite of me in the risk department.

She is like the daredevil!
Charging towards all danger.
*exaggerated much=p*

So, I guess we help regulate each others choices.

She always encourages me to try new exciting thing or to take risk 
because you really don't know what the outcome is if you never try.
Because of her, I am now a little bit more daring=p
Then, I will be there to stop her from making absolutely crazy choices
but that seem to fail..
she just do it anyways.
Gotta respect her courage=D


Here is an outfit post to start the week=D


So I opted to wear a white singlet underneath the cropped top
so the design of the top can be seen=D

Trying hard to pose like a pro...
This is the result laaa.

Cropped top: From my sis
Skirt: Bangkok
Shoes: ZARA
Bag: From China


Sometimes all we need to do is have a little faith and take that chance no?

Because we all really can't see what the future holds.

Let's not hold back and limit ourselves.

You might just surprise what you are capable of achieving if you just try.
 Don't want to regret what we didn't try now, do we?

Time for me to be a daredevil like my sis...
well maybe a tiny daredevil 1st
Baby steps ya=D
Check her out Original Kerchi

Let's make October an exciting month!


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