Tuesday, 15 October 2013



That is the topic for today.

Just the other day, I was listening to 
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's
"Same Love"

It inspired me to write this post=)

It is such a beautiful song about equality for gay marriages.
I am all for equality for gays,
I believe EVERYONE deserves to be happy,
why would anyone deprive someone of that chance?
Now, that would just be mean no?

However, I think that this song has so much more meaning that just equality,
it is also about acceptance.

Acceptance is something that we all crave,
 simply because we are social animals 
and being accepted fulfills that need we require=D 

You have to agree with me that sometimes 
we try so hard to please others or to be someone we are not
just so we are accepted by some people, who may or may not, appreciate us.

It freaking sucks to be treated like an outsider, right?

It is hard when we get rejected by others
but we can't do anything to change what others think of us.
It is just tooo darn tiring trying to please someone if it makes you unhappy!

But, I think the hardest of all is

I believe it is the worst kind of rejection is 
when YOU reject yourself.

I have long came to accept that I will never be 
thin like those skinny b*tches=p

I use to get so angry and sad when people talked about my weight.
I remembered I used to start crying the moment someone commented on my weight.
Pretty drama right?
I was young laaa...

But, look at me now,
I am such a happy kid.
Those comment don't get under my skin anymore.
In fact, I laugh them off=D
Mind you, I am still the huge compared to many of my female friends=p

I learned to accept myself and all my flaws that comes together
and boy...

However, I am not saying you should go

"Whatever la, I am like that one la, I won't change, I must accept the fact"

I am saying that by accepting yourself 
it means to love yourself.

To love yourself 
means you would want the best for yourself right???

So, if you need to change and improve yourself
do it because YOU WANT TO
not because other people say you have to.

Do it for yourself.

Love yourself.


Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...
*if they do, just punch them in their sensitive areas=p* 

Thank you for reading such a wordy post.

Let me know what you think 
Share it with your friends ya=D

For those who haven't heard it
Here is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's
"Same Love"

Have an awesome week Ahead.

Remember to love yourself a little more=D

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