Thursday, 31 October 2013

Citadines Apartment Hotel @ Kuching

Hello again everyone...

For those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram
knows that I was recently in Kuching, Sarawak for work.

It is my very first time to the east coast of Malaysia
*How very Malaysian of me kan?*

Although, for most of the time I was stuck working,
I did get to experience a tinge of the relaxing life the people of Kuching enjoy everyday=D

And Kuching folks are extremely nice!
Well the ones I met were so nice and friendly.

While I was there, I had the privilege to stay in a very nice hotel.
I was not expecting to be put in such a nice hotel

I got to stay in Citadines Apart' Hotel 

This is the entrance.
It is actually located at a side entrance of a brand new shopping mall called ST3,
which is just opposite the Spring Mall, in Kuching.

Upon exiting the lift, there is a nice lounge area=D

The lifts
*like duh!*

Now we move on to my favorite part

The room! 

So nice right!

I seriously was not expecting it to be this nice=D
Was so happy!

One thing me and my lovely hotel partner love about this room
is that they have so many power plug points,
they have one each next to the bed head,
so we can charge our phone while lazing on the comfy bed=D

Actually, for me the best part of the room wasn't the bed, it was the kitchen!

Lame, I know but this is my 1st time in an apartment like hotel,
so I went all jakun!

They seriously have all the basic stuff needed to function a kitchen.

 They have microwave oven!

All the cutlery
there is even a can opener!

They provide cooking pots too

They even had a toaster!!!

No such thing as mini fridge nonsenses, we only do full size baby!

 Since we had a fully furnish kitchen, we just had use it la
Hence, the groceries=P

We just had to use it at least one=P

We were so excited when we saw the toaster,
so kampung la we both as if we have never saw a toaster...

Shy Janice with our little over toasted bread.

 The washing area=D

A selca...
How typical=P

The swimming pool.
It is so nice!

Jacuzzi beside the pool=D

There is a fully equipped gym=D

They provide washing machines and dryers for everyone to use.
You can get the token from the receptionist=D
It is RM 7 for one cycle of washing and drying.

As a lover of the environment,
I love how they show their love for the environment.

 They provide cute little bins for recycling=D

All around the hotel room, they have little messages to remind us to save our environment.

I absolutely love this concept=D

Janice, my roommates, and me!

 I had an absolutely wonderful stay at Citadines Apart' Hotel.

It is a definite must stay if you are at Kuching.

For more information,
Please visit Citadines Apart' Hotel  

Have a great weekend!


Monday, 28 October 2013

GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Collection Official Launch @ The Gardens

Hi everyone.

Hopefully all is doing well=D

If you follow my Instagram you probably know that 
I was invited to celebrate the launch of the new
GUESS Luxe Leather handbags 
at The Gardens last Thursday.

 The event was located at the GUESS Accessories store at 1st floor in The Gardens.
1stly registering ourselves.

All the management staff were so friendly!

 The original black interior of the store was transform to a pure white
as the color theme for the evening was white.

It was so nicely done that, to be honest, I couldn't recognize the store 
when I was walking passed it the next day=P

I really love their new range of leather handbags.
The have various different sizes and designs to compliment any style and outing.

How could any girl resist pretty bagsss!

I am self-confessed bag addict...
Thank God I got my addiction under wraps...
I think=P 

Here are some of their designs...

 I love this!

This red number is absolutely gorgeous!

 Wanna make a fashion statement?
This cute blue tote is a definite must have!

For a more classy look, every girl should have this cute number!
I absolutely love it.
My sister say it is so my style=P

They even have the mini version.
So cuteeee!

 Being a studs and spikes lover,
how could I resist this blue stud bag?

You have to touch the bag...It's so soft!

My sis getting greedy...

For the boss woman look, this two are the bags are a must have=D

Our stunning MC for the evening...

Later in the evening, we got entertained by some very sexy dancers

Because we were vain=P

We were not only entertained by sight but also taste...
Our tiny bite size muchies. 
*Taste awesome=D*

There was also a contest for the top 3 most creative picture pose 
with the GUESS Luxe handbag range on Instagram

These are the 3 winners.
So lucky!

Met a new blogger...
Fashionista Harmini

With the lovely Tammy=D
She is so cute and bubbly.

Thank you GUESS and The Butterfly Project
for the invite to a lovely event.

Looking to treat yourself for all your hard work?

Go visit any GUESS store near you now

I am confident you will find a bag that screams your personality=D


My outfit for the evening 

Top: From Bangkok
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: ZARA

My lovely date for the evening.

Everyone at the event were surprise that we were sisters.
We don't look alike right?

Some might say we do
but I think it's our braces=P

Our braces are coming off soon, 
kinda have mixed feeling about that.

No more bling in my mouth, 
I can't go around being the Asian lil john =P

That's all for now.

Remember to visit any GUESS store
for some retail therapy today=D

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