Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Basic: Black and White

Hello everyone!
Imma back!

How are all of you?
All good, I hope=D

Now, taking a break from the Bangkok updates
to bring you an outfit post.


 Finally, an outfit post.
It seem ages since the last one...

I love the zipper details of this knitwear=D

Little black bag in just the perfect size for any outing.

Knitted Top: H&M
Black Skirt: Bangkok
Heels: ZARA
Bag: China  

Now, we can't be standing in heels 
all day long now can we...

My favorite ZARA glittery flats!

Something is wrong with my camera, 
pictures so blurrrrr...

My sis and I recently bought a Sony camera,
kinda like a smaller version of the DSLR
so it is easier to carry around
but I tell you,
this new camera of ours has serious mood swings!

What to do,
we are now stuck with it.


Ok. That's enough of complaining.

I am so lucky to be able to afford another camera.
So, this weeks mission,

Learn how to use camera!

I am sure many of you experience such 
disappointing/annoying moments
when things or people fail you
and it really pisses you off...
(it gets on my nerves=p)

I use to get seriously worked up 
and complain like a crazy granny.

Now, I still get angry and annoyed 
at situation like these
( saint ok...)
But, I only allow myself to be negative for a short time.

Then, instead of wasting more energy complaining,
I try to find a solution/ alternative.

I am, after all, stuck with it.
Why not make the best out of the situation=D

Have a great start to October!!!

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