Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Suki-Ya Japanese Buffet @ Paradigm Mall

Hello my dears=D

How is the beginning of September treating you?

It is getting exciting for me!

I am going to Bangkok in a few hours!

I know it is only Bangkok,
I am sure many many of you have been there
But, can't you let a first timer, like me, get all crazeeee excited!

This will be the 1st time
my sis and I travel alone overseas,
you can't count Singapore=P

So, we are pretty excited and a tiny bit nervous,
But, we are big girls 
And, you wouldn't want to mess with us
We can be merciless!

Credits: benblairart.blogspot.com

Perverts beware!

Anywho, before I leave I wanted to do a quick food post.

I was so lucky to have be been able to dine with a few of my really good friends.
These people constantly guide me through my life and really want to see me change for the better=D
I am bless to have them.

We went to Suki-Ya Japanese Shabu-shabu buffet at Paradigm mall.

*ok, the A on the signage dropped off. haha*

Picture of the entrance
..Like Duh right..

We went to eat this on the 31st August,
our country's independents day,
instead of eating some of our countries delicacies 
like say Nasi Lemak,
We go eat Japanese food.

We were there at 11.30 am
So, early for buffet, i know right
but there were so many people already there before us
Eating halfway through!
*Hardcore eaters! Go Malaysian!*

We were given the privilege to sit in one of the so called private rooms

On the table, they actually prepared a step-by-step tutorial 
on how to eat their shabu-shabu.

Now, this is why Suki-Ya is the best buffet in my books.
Free flow of fresh slice meat!!!

They have chicken, beef and lamb.

I was a happy kid.
Getting all the meat that she desires...

My post workout meal.
Gotta pack more protein now=D

There were 7 of us and we could barely finish the meat that they brought us.

I also love how their selection of food for us are so healthy.
There serve mostly raw vegetables and only a few of those process food stuff.

They also serve sushi!
How can a Japanese restaurant not have sushi, right?

Some of the sauces they serve

And ofcuz, how can any buffet not have dessert!
My favorite part.

They serve Green Tea, Chocolate and Vanilla ice-cream.
If you do not like your desserts too sweet, then you will definitely love their ice-cream.

Here are the topping you can add on.

I was so busy chomping down food that I forgot to take a pic of the ice-cream.

Ofcuz, not forgetting the main dish

The Soup!

They serve four different type of soup base

Cooked in a sweetened soy-sauce broth
Low calories and light on the palate. 
For those, who likes a slightly bland taste, this is great!
Miso Soup
Miso is made from fermented soybeans
A mildly spicy soup made with authentic Kimchi base, spicy Miso and various vegetable base. 
For those, who enjoys some spiciness 

We went with the Kimuchi, Miso and Shabu-shabu.
As a lover of spicy food,
I am biased toward the Kimuchi soup.
It was absolutely awesome!

Hungry people waiting for the soup to boil


There was a very long queue that continued to the outside of the restaurant.
People must really love the food.

But, it was great.
I really enjoyed the buffet.
It was very satisfying.

The Price is quite reasonable for a very satisfying meal. 
One thing to take note is that you are only limited to dine for 2 hours.
RM3.50 will be charge for every 15mins after the 2 hours.
But, honestly, 2 hours is more than enough time to eat till your heart contents.

Lunch: 11.30am to 5pm
RM29.80 per pax

Dinner: 5pm to 10pm 
RM 39.80 per pax

Suki-Ya Japanese Buffet Restaurant 
Paradigm Mall 
Lot UG (4th)-12, Upper Ground Floor, 
No.1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Go pamper your tummy!

I know i will be doing a lot of that in Bangkok!

Seriously excited!!!

Ok. gotta go pack some essential stuff 
and prepare an empty luggage.

Gonna unleash my shopaholic demons!

Will update soon.

In the meantime, follow me on instagram @keryicanboleh
for instant updates!

Bangkok I am coming...

Hooray to my extra extra long weekend!
Holiday Baby!

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