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Getting back into shape after a long Vacation

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Today I bring you a post by a guest blogger...
My newly found friend
Caitlin Hudson 

Hi all, I'm Caitlin Hudson, a full-time mommy, nature lover, writer and health nut! I am in the process of starting my own blog, but in the meantime, Keryi is so kindly letting me guest post on her blog. Today, I'd like to share with you some of my tips for jump-starting your post-vacation diet! 
If you have any questions, feel free to email or tweet me!

As you all know, I just came back from a holiday in Bangkok,
and I ate like there was no tomorrow.
Now i am regretting the effects.
If you are going through the same thing,
Caitlin has so gracefully wrote a post to help us all get back into shape!

Whether you are just coming back from a vacation filled with indulgence and looking to shed any pounds that you gained, or you are looking to reach a weight-loss goal that you have set for yourself, there are many simple changes you can make and techniques you can try in order to reach your goals. Losing weight is a much easier process when I make small changes, rather than go on a crash diet or painful workout binge. Here are a few tricks, from a detox cleanse to portion control, that I have used over the years to shed pounds and that might help you, too:

  Drink More Water – The obvious benefit of drinking water instead of sugary beverages is that it's calorie-free. I'm one of many people who report losing considerable amounts of weight by switching from sugar-filled beverages to water. Drinking water before a meal also helps fill your stomach, allowing you to eat smaller portions, while still feeling satisfied. For those who enjoy exercising to lose weight, staying hydrated is a must, allowing you to workout longer and feel better afterward.

Stay Away From Sugar – Sugary foods and drinks often offer little nutritional benefit, and consuming too much of them is a sure way to pack on pounds. Instead of reaching for something sweet as a snack, why not try a healthy, tasty food like baby carrots? There's nothing wrong with a sugary snack on occasion – the key is moderation. I try to use sweets as a reward instead of a staple. Not only does it help me lose weight, it makes sweets more enjoyable when I do indulge.

 Drink in Moderation – Alcoholic beverages are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to weight gain. They are packed with calories, and make you hungry to boot. Try drinking light beer or reduced-calorie liquor, and doing so in moderation. There are plenty of options available for the health-minded individual, so you don't have to sacrifice taste for weight loss. One of my personal favorite low cal cocktails is the Skinny Girl margarita. Another great low-cal cocktail option is orange flavored vodka with club and a few orange wedges.

Control Your Portions – Portion control is tough, but it's worth the effort. Many restaurants serve such massive portions that it makes sense to split meals. If not, it never hurts to take leftovers home. At home, try to eat healthy snacks during the day so that at meal-time, you'll be less tempted to overindulge. Another great tip is to pack your lunch instead of going out or ordering into the office. I personally use bento boxes -- I love them! Each box is divided up into small sections inside so you can’t pack too much! These are a great way to practice portion control. You can also refer to the chart below from FitSugar to become more familiar with portion sizes:   

Try a Detox Cleanse – For some people, the idea of a detox cleanse means days spent running to the bathroom and constant hunger, but not all cleanses are like that. Some types of detox cleanses, like the Ultimate Reset Cleanse from Beachbody, offer a gentle, healthyalternative. A detox cleanse helps you lose weight, lowers cholesterol, removes harmful toxins from your body, balances your inner chemistry, and speeds metabolism. A good detox cleanse will involve taking a variety of nutritional supplements that revitalize and cleanse your body, leaving your metabolism in high-gear and giving you plenty of energy. Any comprehensive detox cleanse will have three phases; first your body will be restored to optimal inner chemistry, then you'll be cleansed of toxic materials, and in the end your body will be re-tuned for maximum efficiency and health. I have tried a detox cleanse in the past, and it was truly a great way to lose weight fast and improve my overall health.

Incorporating some of these tips into your life will provide a strong foundation 
for achieving your weight-loss goals. 

Don't forget, small steps can lead to big changes!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Caitlin ya=D

Time to get back that toned body!

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