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Bangkok #2: Must visit Shopping places in Bangkok


Bangkok was awesome!
I was really satisfied with this trip because it was such a fruitful one.

I went there with only one purpose

And, I must say, Bangkok completely satisfied my shopaholic demons=P

It is an awesome shopping place for girls but for guys it's torture.
There are so many shops dedicated to selling female clothing
but I only came across a handful of stores selling male clothing.

If anyone of you want a fun, subtle way to punish your BF/husbands,
bringing them shopping in Bangkok will most likely do the trick.
With the amount of shops there,
he will be screaming for help before the day ends=P

Here are a few must visit shopping highlights that I visited when I was there

1. Pratunam Market 

There are 2 parts to this market. 
First part of the market is behind of Baiyoke Sky Hotel

This morning market by right opens from 4am-10am 
but it really only opens from 5am-9am. 
*5am! Crazy right!*
Therefore, you really have to wake up early to visit this market. 
This is THE best market place for shopping yet! 
At least for me it is=D

They mainly sell fashionable clothes that is currently in season.
So, it is just perfect!

One thing you have to take note is that it is a wholesale market,
which means you will have to purchase at least 
3 pieces of the same design or a different combination 
from the same stall to get a cheaper price.
Mind you, the price if you only want to get 1 piece 
is usually more than 100 baht extra.

Another landmark to help locate the market is Indra Square.
The morning market is just behind the shopping center. 

Don't be surprise if you see people dragging luggage like bags on wheels.

This is just to ease shoppers from having to carry their heavy hauls.
Just imagine the intense amount of goods people buy there!

Before I went to Bangkok, my friend told me the 1st thing I do 
when I get to the market is to buy a trolley bag,
so to save me the extra effort of carrying the massive amounts of bags.
But, since our hotel is quite close by, 
we would actually walk back, leave our bags and head out for our 2nd round=D

No trolley bags for us.
If you do stay a distance from the shopping places,
I do recommend getting one but if not don't need to waste your money ya.
Because, I find it already difficult to walk the cramped up walk way of the market, imagine pulling a huge luggage with you!
Well, unless you didn't bring enough luggage=P

Credits: www.swalco.org
We made a mistake not bringing recycle bags/carrier bags there,
because we got so many plastic bags on the 1st day and we felt pain for the environment.
So, for the remaining days,
we would bring out the plastic bags we got previously 
to be used as our shopping bags.
And we actually brought those plastic bags back home to be re-used as trash bags.

The second part of the market opens roughly about 8am till about 5pm.
However, half of the shops will start closing by 4pm 

This market here is just a few steps away from the morning market mentioned earlier.
You have to visit this shopping area before moving on to the 
famous Platinum shopping mall
because most of the garments selling in Platinum is available 
at this market at a cheaper price.
At least 100 baht cheaper.

 When you walk into the market place, 
you will notice many small stores
and there are many many small rows of stores,
so you really have to walk down and explore.

They recently opened a new shopping mall right in the middle of the market place
It's call b-gallery.
This is another good landmark if you are finding it difficult to find the place.  

This is just one part of the market area,
there is another gigantic section on the other side.
One day is really not enough to explore all the shops.

That is why throughout our whole trip,
we just had to walk this market place once everyday=P
Believe me, we always found something different to buy.
And, we bought A LOT in this market.

Definitely must visit market when you are in Bangkok.

2. Platinum Shopping Mall 

Every shopping who comes to Bangkok knows about Platinum Fashion Mall.
If you have not visited it yet. 
You have to.
It is one of the highlights for any shopaholic.

This mall reminds me a lot of Sungai Wang in KL.

I did not take much pictures of the inside of the mall 
because it is pretty similar to the market places,
just that it has air-con.
There are also rows and rows of shops.

The 1st wing sells mostly clothing and accessories.
Most of the sell at cheaper price with wholesale buy,
which is again at least 3 pieces and above.

The 2nd wing sells clothing, shoes and bags.

Here is one of the tops I bought from Platinum.
I just could not resist the puffy sleeves.
Although, it was a little pricey,
I just had to get it=P
My sis say this top is so me.

I did not buy much in Platinum because I found it rather pricey
 compared to the Pratunam market place.

You may find the same garments from the morning market 
selling more expensive in Platinum mall.

However, you may come across stores that sells very 
high quality and premium looking clothing,
which may easily cost few hundreds back in KL
for probably RM80 to above RM100+++

So, it is still worth it in the end.  

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market 

The view from the train station.
You cannot see it clearly but the shops are those covered roofs 
between the trees and the building under construction.

 One of the entrance into the market place.

Here are some pictures of the outdoor walk way.
In between these shops are long alley ways
that leads to many many many shops.

This market only opens on Saturday and Sunday 
from 8am to about 6pm
but do expect the stores to close about 5pm.
This place is massive.
One day is really not enough.

There are a total of 27 sections of shops in this market.
I like how they bundle all the similar items in the few sections,
as this makes shopping easier.

Here are the segregation of sections
  • Clothing & Accessories (sections 2-6, 10-26)
  • Handicrafts (sections 8-11)
  • Ceramics (sections 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 25)
  • Furniture and Home Decoration (sections 1,3,4,7,8)
  • Food and Beverage (sections 2, 3, 4, 23, 24, 26, 27)
  • Plants and Gardening tools (sections 3, 4)
  • Art and Gallery (section 7)
  • Pets and Pet Accessories (sections 8, 9, 11, 13)
  • Books (sections 1, 27)
  • Antiques and Collectibles (sections 1, 26)
  • Miscellaneous and Used Clothing (sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 22, 25, 26)

You can even get a map of Chatuchak with the indication of the separate section
for you shopping convenience.
Getting lost in the market is a possibility.  
It is really super humid there,
it is highly suggested that you wear 
light and comfortable clothing there 
otherwise, you may not enjoy the experience as much.

Although, we did not shop for long because it rained,
we did managed to buy some lovely tops and shades for only RM4.90!

How to get to Chatuchak?
You can either take the BTS Skytrain to Mo chit station,
the market is less than 5 minutes walk away.
You can take the MRT to Kamphaengphet station, 
where it stops right in the middle of the market.

4. Palladium Mall Night Street Market   

 I absolutely love the small night market outside of Palladium mall
because it is the most creative stalls I came across in Bangkok.

This mall is kind of diagonally opposite of Platinum mall.
 From our hotel, instead of going up the bridge to Pratunam Market,
just go straight, passing the bridge, 
walk all the way to the end 
and you will be able to see Palladium Mall.

The street market fully opens by 8pm 
and it will stay open till 12am.

They have a few DIY goods sold there that are absolutely irresistible.

 This is one of the stall that sells
PVC leather like notebooks, ipad covers, pencil case and phone covers

What's so special about this stall is that they will 
personalize the notebook or covers by putting your name there.

 I just had to get one for myself la.
How to resist, you tell me=P

How it looks on the inside.
Thankfully the book allows me to remove/add pages.

There is another similar stall just beside it where they personalized
passport covers, bags and so on.

The lady busy personalizing the item.
Look at the color choices of pouches they have.

How could we not get one for ourselves right?
So, we got personalized passport covers for our whole family.
We had our names pinned onto the cover
plus they actually have little ornaments that you can add on. 
We chose the male/female ones.
So cute right!

The passport cover cost 100 baht
free personalizing of name.
Another 20 baht for each of the ornaments.

Total is 120 baht, RM12 for a personalized cover!

There is also a stall where they personalize T-shirts.

This shop here is interesting.
They sell different type of rattan bags available on the left side
and then you can either have the bag as it is
or they can actually print designs of your choice onto the rattan bag.

See that pile of paper like things in plastic on the right???
Those are the various designs available for you to be printed on the bag.

 It is not really clear 
but you can see rose design printed on the bag.
That is one of the prints available.

The prices for the bag varies according to size.
Generally, it cost about 200-500 baht for a bag
and an additional 50 baht for the printing.

I really wanted to get one for myself
but my sister stopped me!
She says I will probably used it once and abandon it.
Oh well, she knows me best.
But I still can shake the feeling of regret!

Bangkok, I am coming back!

Another stall that sells slippers that we can choose it's strap color
My sis and I each got a pair.
A very friendly stall owner.
He was very patience with us when we were deciding which color strap to choose.
There many color.

Looking at him in action 

The slippers cost 199 baht each.
But we got it at 190 baht instead.
As we were the last few customers, the stall owner gave us a small discount.
We were there till about 12am!

I really enjoyed my time at this market because it is spacious and cooling.
As it is not so crowded, you can take your time and shop=D

5. Big C Supermarket

 Big C is one of their chain supermarket.
It is something like how Giant/Aeon is like here in Malaysia.

There were so many tourist buying their goods like crazy!
It kinda made us buy more than we intended to.
Despite being a psychology student, I succumbed to such acts=(

Some of the food we bought.
All our friends requested to buy their instant noodles.

The tourist there were buying instant noodles as 
if preparing for the end of the world!
Some even bought it by the cartons!

We definitely recommend going to the supermarket 
as it is cheaper compared and there are more choices.

Besides that, in Big C, there is a Levi's store that was having a clearance sale.

 Levi's 501 jeans for the guys were going for only 1000 baht!
That is approximately RM100 ONLY!

The female jeans were going for RM89 only!

They were selling the curve ID jeans too for the same price!
So, I got a Demi curve for myself,
usually i wear a Bold but Demi is ok too.

This Big C is located opposite the Central World shopping mall,
you will definitely see Big C if you are walking towards 
Siam Paragon from Platinum Mall.

6. Night Market opposite Siam Paragon 

 The moment you exit at BTS Siam station, you will be able to see many stalls on the opposite side of Siam Paragon.

Many of the stalls sell clothes, 
which are pretty similar to the morning market at Pratunam.
However, they do sell the clothes slightly more expensive than the morning market.
You can see why we go there every morning=D

 As you walk along the night market,
you will also walk pass the Siam Square area.
There are also many shops there to explore too.

We found out that the night market is only 
open from Tuesday-Sunday, starting from about 7pm-10pm.

It can pretty crowded 
but I would recommend coming to this market if 
you do not have anything else planned. 

7. Shopping Malls

There are plenty of high-end shopping malls around the Siam area.
However, if you are looking to shop on a budget,
MBK shopping mall may be a venue you would like to explore=D

There are plenty of shops in MBK.
Again, the setting of the place reminds me a lot of Sungai Wang,
even the things that they sell is somewhat similar.

Although, I did not buy much in the mall but 
I did came across these Gaga looking shoes.

 They look so Gaga!
Such attention grabbers right?

Look at the original price.
So expensive right...

Guess how much i got them for???

100 baht Each!!!

I love it when I come across such good deals!
So I bought 2 pairs.
It's like only RM20 wei...

I was a little bit disappointed with the trip because there were not 
many shoes or bags for sales around those market areas.
 I really wanted to get myself a pair of creepers but the ones selling at 
Platinum were just too expensive.

So, feeling a little disappointed, we wondered around the shopping malls.
And we entered Forever21 in Central World mall.

There were having sale.
Look what we got ourselves=D

Those booties are my sisters, don't they just look fab with the sparkly heel.
The black wedged is mine=D

All in all,
it was a fruitful shopping vacation.

While packing we realized, we bought so many cropped top=D

We didn't take pictures of our hauls 
like how you see people do on their hotel beds.
We just didn't have the patience to roll them up one by one.
There are just too many.

We went to Bangkok with a half empty suitcase
and we came back with 43kgs of goods.
 We are shopaholics.
Enough said.
*Shy shy* 


Before I end, here is G-Dragon latest single, Crooked.
We came across it when in Bangkok.

Must watch if you haven't!
He is so talented.
Can't get enough of it=D


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Stay tune for my next few posts on our yummy Bangkok food encounters


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