Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bangkok #1: The Stay at Shadi Home and Residence

Hellooo Everyone!!!
I am back from my long getaway.

Those of you who reads my blog or follow me on Instagram 
will know that I recently visited the awesome city of 

I was there for 6 days and 6 nights.
My flight for Bangkok was on the 4th September, 1.30pm
and my departure was on 10th September, 7.10am.

It was my 1st time to Bangkok.
It was absolutely AWESOME!

Thankfully I had my sister as my traveling partner
because I really could not ask for a better shopping partner.
She is ever reliable because I can count on her 
to be absolutely honest with me.

You will have to agree with me that sometimes our friends 
gives us unconvincing answers when we ask 
"Does this look nice on me?"  

But with my sis I don't have to worry,
because I know she will always give it to me straight
and vice versa=D

  For this trip, we paid for all our own expenses.
*Feeling proud=P*

Therefore, we wanted to keep things within our budget,
especially the hotel.

Today's post will be a little virtual tour of our hotel,
Shadi Home and Residence

We got to know about this hotel through
I definitely recommend you look through 
to book your future accommodation, you may just get good deals=D

Shadi Home and Residence is rated as a 3-Star hotel.
Plus, they have plenty of good reviews.

But, what convinced me to book my stay there with them 
was not only is the hotel near the shopping paradise 
but the price was absolutely awesome!

Most importantly,
they provide FREE Wi-Fi.
Now, with that, I was completely sold=D
My sis and I paid 6,600 Baht,
which is roughly RM660
for 2 person for 6 nights!

Next to the hotel is 7-eleven.
So, we can get the essentials anytime we want=D

This is the long walk way to the entrance of the hotel.  
 The entrance to the reception counter.

The dining area

We got free breakfast too.

They served a simple spread for breakfast.
There was stir fried veges, tomato curry chicken 
and other curries served with rice.

Besides that, you can order scrambled or omelet eggs 
and they will cooked it for you. 
There is bread too=D

The kitchen.

Moving on to the room=D

We stayed room 306
This was our home for 6 nights

We requested for a double bed.
They also provide a small fridge in the room.

The toilet is pretty decent,
equipped with a proper shower and hot water.
 They provide shampoo and soap as well.
We were thinking of buying shampoo from 7-eleven
but surprisingly, the shampoo they provide smells really great 
and it does not make my hair dry.
The smell kinda reminds me of Pantene,

We ended up buying only toothbrush for ourselves.

They also provide hair dryer and a flatscreen TV too.

The hotel is located very near the prime shopping area in Bangkok.

From the hotel,
We just had to walk straight towards the main road
and turn left,
you will be able to see a bridge up ahead.

  Head towards the bridge and cross the bridge.
The building you see across the bridge is Indra Square.

 Once you cross the bridge,
the morning shopping market is just behind of the Indra Square.

That tall building there is Baiyoke Sky hotel,
the morning shopping market is just in front of it=D

So near right!

Both, me and my sis were super happy 
that it was so near the shopping area 
roughly 7 minutes walk.

The hotel is also very near the Makkasan Airport Link.
So, for those of you who takes their flight from Suvarnabhumi airport,
you can just take the train.

You save a lot on taxi,
That means more shopping!

Most of the hotel staff are very friendly and they speak English.
They were all very helpful.

On the day when we depart from Bangkok,
we needed to leave our hotel by 5am,
the hotel staff was so nice to help us hail a taxi.
Otherwise, I really don't know how we were going 
 to manage our heavy luggage and hail a cab.

The hotel has some Iranian influence,
so you can also enjoy Iranian food if you are in the mood for it=D

I recommend this place if you are planning a trip to Bangkok.

For those who wants halal food, you can get it at the hotel 
or there are also some halal thai restaurants along the same street as the hotel.


Shadi Home and Residence
38/5 Ratchaprarop 8 , 
Makkasan, Ratchatewee, 
Bangkok, Pathumwan, 
10400 Bangkok

Visit their website for more infomation


More updates to come.

Next post will be on 

Shopping in Bangkok is paradise!

Stay tune=D

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