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Bangkok #5: Som Tam Nua @ Siam Square

I am not done with the Bangkok updates yet!

Today, I bring you  
Som Tam Nua

If you are going to Bangkok, you definitely have to go try this restaurant. 
It is highly reviewed and the food is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike=D

I have to say, out of all the places I been to in Bangkok,
Som Tam Nua
served pretty much the tastiest food!

Must go! Must go! Must Go!

Som Tam Nua serves Issan cuisine, 
which is Northeastern Thai influenced.

Their signature dish is Som Tam,
like duh! They named their shop after the dish.

For those of you who don't know,
Som Tam is Thailand's famous papaya salad,
you will see it being sold almost every where you go.
In restaurants and even along the streets.
You practically can get this anywhere in Bangkok
but the taste varies ofcuz.

Back to the food=D

Here is one of their famous dish
---Papaya Mixed Salad---

It is a less spicy option to their Thai papaya salad.

It is absolutely delicious!!!
I love it so much.

Their Som Tams are unlike the ones I ate at various food courts,
where there is a slight fishy taste to it.

This dish is a refreshing change to all the street food
my sis and I had been consuming.

It is only 79 Baht for a yummy plate!

We also had their fish dish the
---Hot, Spicy, Crispy Fish---

How can we not have some kind of spicy seafood in Bangkok right?

The dish really stayed true to it's name.
It was really hot, spicy and crispy rolled into one delicious dish.

It is only 105 Baht!

Here is a bowl of exploding goodness, the
---Northeastern style Spicy Soup with Pork Bone---

It is truly spicy.
We were drinking a spoon of this soup 
followed by a sip of water.

It is a very well cooked bowl of soup.

Only 105 Baht per bowl.

Our spread=D

It is really a lot of food for just the 2 of us
but then, we got greedy!

We ordered another one of their famous dishes
---Fried Chicken---

Practically, every single table had a basket of fried chicken,
so we got influenced and halfway through our meal,
we decided to order one
because how often are we going to visit Bangkok right?

 Just eat till our heart contents!
Worry about the extra calories when we get back home.
**We regretted, i tell you!**

But their fried chicken has got to be one of the best ones
I have eaten!

It is well flavored,
plus it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Half a chicken- 98 Baht
Whole Chicken- 130 Baht

This is their Som Tam work area.
One of the staff mixing up a batch of papaya salad.

Look at the amount of papaya!
They probably have loads more stored somewhere.

 The restaurant's atmosphere is nice and cozy.
I like that it is brightly lit.

  Just look at the queue.

People all waiting to be seated.
We saw many locals and foreigners coming in to enjoy their food.


Just opposite Som Tam Nua is another highly reviewed dessert shop 
called Mango Tango.

We walked passed the place several times
but didn't get to go because 
either there were just too long a queue or we were just too full to eat.

So, on our last night,
I made my sister walk all the way to 
Siam Square from our hotel to try this dessert.

It was closed!
***The horror!***

Look at my sad face.
No dessert some more I got scolded by sister 
because I dragged her away from the comfy hotel bed for nothing.
They were in a midst of moving to a new location that day,
so I missed out.

Another reason to come back to Bangkok=D

They moved to somewhere near by,
if you are ever around the Siam Square,
just ask around and the people will direct you there=D


To soothe our disappointment,
we went into Som Tam Nua again=D
 cuz it was just opposite.

 This time we ordered another papaya salad
---Papaya with Preserved Egg Salad---

One word.

Only 69 Baht.

We also had their
---Thai Rice Flour Noodles---

This one I didn't quite like because
it is the soggy noodle style of cooking.
If it is fried, I prefer my noodles dried.

But the taste was pretty good la.
Can eat=D

Only 25 Baht!!!

So cheap...
Cant complain la hor...

You are probably thinking how we know what dishes to order right...

We just pointed to the ones with stars.
Confirm good right cuz got the star?
We just assumed.

How to get to the restaurant???

The restaurant is  directly opposite Siam Paragon Mall.
It is in the Siam Square region.

If you take the BTS Skytrain,
exit at Siam station.

I would suggest taking the exit on the left side
to exit the platform area.
Because once you come down the stairs,
you will see the Bangkok Bank.

  Once you see the Bangkok Bank,
follow the walk way beside the bank.

Walk straight all the way and you will be able to Som Tam Nua.

We really enjoyed all our meals at Som Tam Nua.

A definite MUST try when in Bangkok!

Som Tam Nua
Address: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5
Phone: 08-1257-5384 , 02-2514880  
Open hours: 10:45 am – 9:30 am

Go try it when you are at Bangkok 
and let me know what you think ya=D

More yummy post coming to you soon...

Stay Tune...

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