Monday, 23 September 2013

Bangkok #4: Bangkok Street Food

Finally, I am going to start with the food updates.

Firstly, I shall show you some awesome local street food 
that you have to try when you are there!

1. Corn Tapioca

You definitely have to try this if you like tapioca, 
even if you don't you might learn to like it after you try this!

Sold at a humble little stall run by a friendly lady.

The tapioca balls are cooked BBQ style over hot charcoal,
so it is a healthier alternative to what we have here which is fried.

This stall is located under the bridge right opposite of Platinum Mall.
You cross the bridge from Platinum Mall, you will be able to see the stall.

They are close on Monday.
I wanted to eat some before I fly off the following day but the stall not open!

2. Rice Noodles

Their noodles are the best!
Especially this stall we stumble upon while walking the morning market in Pratunam.

It is like a nice warm bowl of pork noodles in KL
only this is much better!

The lady has many different type of noodles,
however, I do recommend trying their rice noodles,
it taste awesome!
You can't get rice noodles like that back here at our local hawkers.
*I haven't come across one*

Just look at the huge pot of soup and she has!
Btw, she has another one just sitting under her cart.
Now you know how good her business is=D

If you are wondering what those are in the pot,
they are all pork.

Here are the different condiments you can add to customize the bowl of noodles to your liking.

I was surprise that they provided ground nuts and sugar!
I saw many people adding lots of sugar into their bowl,
maybe they like the mixture of salty and sweet?


It's really yummy with some nuts=D

Now, you are probably wondering, 
where to find this lady if you are ever there?

 Do you remember the b-gallery mall I mentioned in my previous post on shopping?

If you are facing the b-gallery mall entrance, 
as shown in the picture,
the pork noodle lady's stall will be on your right hand side.

The view on the right side,
just walk straight down all the way,
you should be able to see her at the end.

Notice the store at the end?
That's her store.
*ignore the 2 confuse ppl=p*

Price for a bowl ranges from 30-40 Baht.

3. Healthy Snacks

 Their corn are awesome!
They serve it with coconut flesh.
I found that to be quite a refreshing taste, 
as it is my 1st time having the combination.

Sweet potatoes.
They let u add sugar too, if you like some with your potatoes=D


I ate pineapple like everyday I was there!
Never ate so much of pineapple before.
Unlike other pineapple i have eaten, 
these pineapple won't leave the 
sore feeling you have on your tongue after you eat them.

These stalls are all over, so you can get them anytime=D

4. Street food

 They have pretty much every street food here.
It is like a mini preview of what Bangkok street food is.
You can find this row of street food just outside of Platinum Mall

5. Coconut Ice-Cream

 We had it on our 1st night from this lady, 
which is somewhere near Platinum Mall.

  The 2nd time was at Chatuchak

 They give complimentary coconut juice too at Chatuchak!

 3rd time was at Asiatique

If you are there, you must try their coconut ice-cream!

After so many tries, Chatuchak's coconut ice-cream is the best!

That is all the street food we tried.
We were not so adventurous to try insects and stuff.

Anyone of you tried?
Do share your experience.

More food posts soon=D

Stay tune.

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