Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bangkok #3: Asiatique, The Riverfront

The Bangkok updates continues=D

This time I bring you Asiatique, the new riverfront night market.

I love walking around in Asiatique,
it is so breeze and the walking spaces are big and wide,
so no human body contact cramp-ness
if you know what i mean.

If you are ever in Bangkok,
you should make a trip to Asiatique to enjoy the beautiful view and to relax.
It is a nice change compared to all the other market places
where you will constantly sweat and kinda feel suffocated.

This is how the place look like from a far.

How to get to Asiatique???

 Credits: Google Images
1. Take the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin station

 2. Walk to the river after exiting
**Just follow the crowd or ask someone there=D**

You will reach a signage like in the picture,
you start lining up at the line where it says Asiatique.

 Credits: Google Images

3.  Take the ferry to Asiatique
There are free ferry shuttle to and fro Asiatique,
it takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the riverfront.

However, if the queue for the free shuttle ferry is just too long,
there is also another tourist boat that you can board with a fee.

**Take note: The ferry service is open only from 4pm to 11.30pm**

If you are looking for good shopping bargains,
I would recommend going to the market places I mentioned previously.
The goods sold at Asiatique is slightly more expensive. 
However, there are many fancy restaurants there.
Very romantic setting=D
Other than that, we notice many Japanese restaurant and many other eateries there,
which were all so mouth watering.

 They have this huge ferris wheel there,
if you are interested.

Le Sister!

Here are some shots of the place:

Halfway walking, I decided to do a OOTD.
**The dude by the side checking me out=P, 
i can't tell whether it is a look of approval or disapproval.haha!**

Celine Tee & Black skirt from Bangkok
Slipper from Birkenstock

My super 'Yo' sister


 After walking so much,
time for a coconut break!
We literally stop and buy their coconut ice-cream,
everytime we see them selling it.

It was so good, i needed to tie my hair up so that 
i can concentrate on savoring every bite =P

**Out of all, the coconut ice-cream I ate, Chatuchat's ones are the best!

When you are there, I would recommend you to try this awesome coconut dessert!

It kinda reminds me of the Apong we eat at indian shops here in Malaysia.
They have a combination of sweet and savory coconut fillings.
It is really a yummy dessert!

This is what it is called.
For 40 Baht, it is a lot!

Nearby the coconut stall is a shop selling many local titbits.

You are there, you have to buy this!
It is so super awesome.
It is like crunchy 'Ba Kua'
Chinese BBQ pork pieces, only that it is crunchy.

The big packet is 115 Baht, small pack is 60 Baht.

We saw it selling for a higher price at MBK.
This place must be selling it cheaper than most places,
because everyone was buying like mad when we were there. 

Well, if you do get the chance,
do visit Asiatique 
for a relaxing evening stroll=D

Ahhh... I miss Bangkok...

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