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Bangkok #5: Som Tam Nua @ Siam Square

I am not done with the Bangkok updates yet!

Today, I bring you  
Som Tam Nua

If you are going to Bangkok, you definitely have to go try this restaurant. 
It is highly reviewed and the food is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike=D

I have to say, out of all the places I been to in Bangkok,
Som Tam Nua
served pretty much the tastiest food!

Must go! Must go! Must Go!

Som Tam Nua serves Issan cuisine, 
which is Northeastern Thai influenced.

Their signature dish is Som Tam,
like duh! They named their shop after the dish.

For those of you who don't know,
Som Tam is Thailand's famous papaya salad,
you will see it being sold almost every where you go.
In restaurants and even along the streets.
You practically can get this anywhere in Bangkok
but the taste varies ofcuz.

Back to the food=D

Here is one of their famous dish
---Papaya Mixed Salad---

It is a less spicy option to their Thai papaya salad.

It is absolutely delicious!!!
I love it so much.

Their Som Tams are unlike the ones I ate at various food courts,
where there is a slight fishy taste to it.

This dish is a refreshing change to all the street food
my sis and I had been consuming.

It is only 79 Baht for a yummy plate!

We also had their fish dish the
---Hot, Spicy, Crispy Fish---

How can we not have some kind of spicy seafood in Bangkok right?

The dish really stayed true to it's name.
It was really hot, spicy and crispy rolled into one delicious dish.

It is only 105 Baht!

Here is a bowl of exploding goodness, the
---Northeastern style Spicy Soup with Pork Bone---

It is truly spicy.
We were drinking a spoon of this soup 
followed by a sip of water.

It is a very well cooked bowl of soup.

Only 105 Baht per bowl.

Our spread=D

It is really a lot of food for just the 2 of us
but then, we got greedy!

We ordered another one of their famous dishes
---Fried Chicken---

Practically, every single table had a basket of fried chicken,
so we got influenced and halfway through our meal,
we decided to order one
because how often are we going to visit Bangkok right?

 Just eat till our heart contents!
Worry about the extra calories when we get back home.
**We regretted, i tell you!**

But their fried chicken has got to be one of the best ones
I have eaten!

It is well flavored,
plus it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Half a chicken- 98 Baht
Whole Chicken- 130 Baht

This is their Som Tam work area.
One of the staff mixing up a batch of papaya salad.

Look at the amount of papaya!
They probably have loads more stored somewhere.

 The restaurant's atmosphere is nice and cozy.
I like that it is brightly lit.

  Just look at the queue.

People all waiting to be seated.
We saw many locals and foreigners coming in to enjoy their food.


Just opposite Som Tam Nua is another highly reviewed dessert shop 
called Mango Tango.

We walked passed the place several times
but didn't get to go because 
either there were just too long a queue or we were just too full to eat.

So, on our last night,
I made my sister walk all the way to 
Siam Square from our hotel to try this dessert.

It was closed!
***The horror!***

Look at my sad face.
No dessert some more I got scolded by sister 
because I dragged her away from the comfy hotel bed for nothing.
They were in a midst of moving to a new location that day,
so I missed out.

Another reason to come back to Bangkok=D

They moved to somewhere near by,
if you are ever around the Siam Square,
just ask around and the people will direct you there=D


To soothe our disappointment,
we went into Som Tam Nua again=D
 cuz it was just opposite.

 This time we ordered another papaya salad
---Papaya with Preserved Egg Salad---

One word.

Only 69 Baht.

We also had their
---Thai Rice Flour Noodles---

This one I didn't quite like because
it is the soggy noodle style of cooking.
If it is fried, I prefer my noodles dried.

But the taste was pretty good la.
Can eat=D

Only 25 Baht!!!

So cheap...
Cant complain la hor...

You are probably thinking how we know what dishes to order right...

We just pointed to the ones with stars.
Confirm good right cuz got the star?
We just assumed.

How to get to the restaurant???

The restaurant is  directly opposite Siam Paragon Mall.
It is in the Siam Square region.

If you take the BTS Skytrain,
exit at Siam station.

I would suggest taking the exit on the left side
to exit the platform area.
Because once you come down the stairs,
you will see the Bangkok Bank.

  Once you see the Bangkok Bank,
follow the walk way beside the bank.

Walk straight all the way and you will be able to Som Tam Nua.

We really enjoyed all our meals at Som Tam Nua.

A definite MUST try when in Bangkok!

Som Tam Nua
Address: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5
Phone: 08-1257-5384 , 02-2514880  
Open hours: 10:45 am – 9:30 am

Go try it when you are at Bangkok 
and let me know what you think ya=D

More yummy post coming to you soon...

Stay Tune...

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Getting back into shape after a long Vacation

Hi all...

Today I bring you a post by a guest blogger...
My newly found friend
Caitlin Hudson 

Hi all, I'm Caitlin Hudson, a full-time mommy, nature lover, writer and health nut! I am in the process of starting my own blog, but in the meantime, Keryi is so kindly letting me guest post on her blog. Today, I'd like to share with you some of my tips for jump-starting your post-vacation diet! 
If you have any questions, feel free to email or tweet me!

As you all know, I just came back from a holiday in Bangkok,
and I ate like there was no tomorrow.
Now i am regretting the effects.
If you are going through the same thing,
Caitlin has so gracefully wrote a post to help us all get back into shape!

Whether you are just coming back from a vacation filled with indulgence and looking to shed any pounds that you gained, or you are looking to reach a weight-loss goal that you have set for yourself, there are many simple changes you can make and techniques you can try in order to reach your goals. Losing weight is a much easier process when I make small changes, rather than go on a crash diet or painful workout binge. Here are a few tricks, from a detox cleanse to portion control, that I have used over the years to shed pounds and that might help you, too:

  Drink More Water – The obvious benefit of drinking water instead of sugary beverages is that it's calorie-free. I'm one of many people who report losing considerable amounts of weight by switching from sugar-filled beverages to water. Drinking water before a meal also helps fill your stomach, allowing you to eat smaller portions, while still feeling satisfied. For those who enjoy exercising to lose weight, staying hydrated is a must, allowing you to workout longer and feel better afterward.

Stay Away From Sugar – Sugary foods and drinks often offer little nutritional benefit, and consuming too much of them is a sure way to pack on pounds. Instead of reaching for something sweet as a snack, why not try a healthy, tasty food like baby carrots? There's nothing wrong with a sugary snack on occasion – the key is moderation. I try to use sweets as a reward instead of a staple. Not only does it help me lose weight, it makes sweets more enjoyable when I do indulge.

 Drink in Moderation – Alcoholic beverages are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to weight gain. They are packed with calories, and make you hungry to boot. Try drinking light beer or reduced-calorie liquor, and doing so in moderation. There are plenty of options available for the health-minded individual, so you don't have to sacrifice taste for weight loss. One of my personal favorite low cal cocktails is the Skinny Girl margarita. Another great low-cal cocktail option is orange flavored vodka with club and a few orange wedges.

Control Your Portions – Portion control is tough, but it's worth the effort. Many restaurants serve such massive portions that it makes sense to split meals. If not, it never hurts to take leftovers home. At home, try to eat healthy snacks during the day so that at meal-time, you'll be less tempted to overindulge. Another great tip is to pack your lunch instead of going out or ordering into the office. I personally use bento boxes -- I love them! Each box is divided up into small sections inside so you can’t pack too much! These are a great way to practice portion control. You can also refer to the chart below from FitSugar to become more familiar with portion sizes:   

Try a Detox Cleanse – For some people, the idea of a detox cleanse means days spent running to the bathroom and constant hunger, but not all cleanses are like that. Some types of detox cleanses, like the Ultimate Reset Cleanse from Beachbody, offer a gentle, healthyalternative. A detox cleanse helps you lose weight, lowers cholesterol, removes harmful toxins from your body, balances your inner chemistry, and speeds metabolism. A good detox cleanse will involve taking a variety of nutritional supplements that revitalize and cleanse your body, leaving your metabolism in high-gear and giving you plenty of energy. Any comprehensive detox cleanse will have three phases; first your body will be restored to optimal inner chemistry, then you'll be cleansed of toxic materials, and in the end your body will be re-tuned for maximum efficiency and health. I have tried a detox cleanse in the past, and it was truly a great way to lose weight fast and improve my overall health.

Incorporating some of these tips into your life will provide a strong foundation 
for achieving your weight-loss goals. 

Don't forget, small steps can lead to big changes!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Caitlin ya=D

Time to get back that toned body!

The Basic: Black and White

Hello everyone!
Imma back!

How are all of you?
All good, I hope=D

Now, taking a break from the Bangkok updates
to bring you an outfit post.


 Finally, an outfit post.
It seem ages since the last one...

I love the zipper details of this knitwear=D

Little black bag in just the perfect size for any outing.

Knitted Top: H&M
Black Skirt: Bangkok
Heels: ZARA
Bag: China  

Now, we can't be standing in heels 
all day long now can we...

My favorite ZARA glittery flats!

Something is wrong with my camera, 
pictures so blurrrrr...

My sis and I recently bought a Sony camera,
kinda like a smaller version of the DSLR
so it is easier to carry around
but I tell you,
this new camera of ours has serious mood swings!

What to do,
we are now stuck with it.


Ok. That's enough of complaining.

I am so lucky to be able to afford another camera.
So, this weeks mission,

Learn how to use camera!

I am sure many of you experience such 
disappointing/annoying moments
when things or people fail you
and it really pisses you off...
(it gets on my nerves=p)

I use to get seriously worked up 
and complain like a crazy granny.

Now, I still get angry and annoyed 
at situation like these
( saint ok...)
But, I only allow myself to be negative for a short time.

Then, instead of wasting more energy complaining,
I try to find a solution/ alternative.

I am, after all, stuck with it.
Why not make the best out of the situation=D

Have a great start to October!!!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Bangkok #4: Bangkok Street Food

Finally, I am going to start with the food updates.

Firstly, I shall show you some awesome local street food 
that you have to try when you are there!

1. Corn Tapioca

You definitely have to try this if you like tapioca, 
even if you don't you might learn to like it after you try this!

Sold at a humble little stall run by a friendly lady.

The tapioca balls are cooked BBQ style over hot charcoal,
so it is a healthier alternative to what we have here which is fried.

This stall is located under the bridge right opposite of Platinum Mall.
You cross the bridge from Platinum Mall, you will be able to see the stall.

They are close on Monday.
I wanted to eat some before I fly off the following day but the stall not open!

2. Rice Noodles

Their noodles are the best!
Especially this stall we stumble upon while walking the morning market in Pratunam.

It is like a nice warm bowl of pork noodles in KL
only this is much better!

The lady has many different type of noodles,
however, I do recommend trying their rice noodles,
it taste awesome!
You can't get rice noodles like that back here at our local hawkers.
*I haven't come across one*

Just look at the huge pot of soup and she has!
Btw, she has another one just sitting under her cart.
Now you know how good her business is=D

If you are wondering what those are in the pot,
they are all pork.

Here are the different condiments you can add to customize the bowl of noodles to your liking.

I was surprise that they provided ground nuts and sugar!
I saw many people adding lots of sugar into their bowl,
maybe they like the mixture of salty and sweet?


It's really yummy with some nuts=D

Now, you are probably wondering, 
where to find this lady if you are ever there?

 Do you remember the b-gallery mall I mentioned in my previous post on shopping?

If you are facing the b-gallery mall entrance, 
as shown in the picture,
the pork noodle lady's stall will be on your right hand side.

The view on the right side,
just walk straight down all the way,
you should be able to see her at the end.

Notice the store at the end?
That's her store.
*ignore the 2 confuse ppl=p*

Price for a bowl ranges from 30-40 Baht.

3. Healthy Snacks

 Their corn are awesome!
They serve it with coconut flesh.
I found that to be quite a refreshing taste, 
as it is my 1st time having the combination.

Sweet potatoes.
They let u add sugar too, if you like some with your potatoes=D


I ate pineapple like everyday I was there!
Never ate so much of pineapple before.
Unlike other pineapple i have eaten, 
these pineapple won't leave the 
sore feeling you have on your tongue after you eat them.

These stalls are all over, so you can get them anytime=D

4. Street food

 They have pretty much every street food here.
It is like a mini preview of what Bangkok street food is.
You can find this row of street food just outside of Platinum Mall

5. Coconut Ice-Cream

 We had it on our 1st night from this lady, 
which is somewhere near Platinum Mall.

  The 2nd time was at Chatuchak

 They give complimentary coconut juice too at Chatuchak!

 3rd time was at Asiatique

If you are there, you must try their coconut ice-cream!

After so many tries, Chatuchak's coconut ice-cream is the best!

That is all the street food we tried.
We were not so adventurous to try insects and stuff.

Anyone of you tried?
Do share your experience.

More food posts soon=D

Stay tune.

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