Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rocker Chick?

I am back!

It's been a long time since I last updated.

Enjoying my holiday by crawling into my imaginary cave and hibernate,
Thus, the lack of updates.
I do apologize for that.
Rejuvenation is important no?

Today will be an outfit post.

Don't you just love outfit post! 
Pls say yes laaa...

Since the last outfit was a sweet girly one, 
Time to change it up a little with an edgier look.

The Rocker look
Naughty rocker chick look? =p
nah...I have too much of a sweet face
*Self-praise much!* 

Great thing about fashion is that it is never dull.
There are countless ways to dress someone up.
You could look like a little girl or a sexy young thing, 
just by changing your clothes. 

Our clothes tells a story.
Story about who we are...what interest us...
Ultimately, it defines us.

Our character is very much reflected through our wardrobe.
 Every piece of clothing shows bits of who we are as a person.
That is why we have different preferences.
We can both stare at the same top and have different ideas of wearing it=D

Same goes for other things in life.
So, there is no need to judge others or to give nasty comments,
It may simply be a differences in preferences.

That is how I try to look at things=D

 Back to the outfit.

 Eagle Muscle Tank Top | MTWTFSS WEEKDAY

Snapback | CDF

Bodycon Skirt | H&M
(Originally, the zipper was suppose to be worn in the front but i think wearing it behind is nicer. See Preference=p)

Boots | Forever21

I can't really decide what face this is.
Constipated? Annoyed? Or simply the puny eyes look?

That is all for now.

Have an awesome week ahead.

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