Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Religion. Why is there constant fighting???

Hello everyone!
Finally, I completed this post after having it sitting in my draft since forever.

Because of the sensitivity of my post content.



Before the post start,
I would like to emphasize that the content written 
are purely my own opinions.

Many of us do believe in God, 
or at least in the 
existence of some higher power,
Be it science or supernatural.

Because of human beings' natural curiosity and the 
need for closure to some of life toughest questions
- What is the meaning of life?
- What is my purpose in life?

Religion was formed to help us through life by 
giving us an alternate explanations to all our uncertainties.
so, we can sleep better at night?

One MAJOR commonality that all religions have 
is for an individual to live life meaningfully 
by doing good deeds and being kind to others.

It is true no?
I don't think there is any religion that teaches their followers 
that they need to be naughty right?
Unless there is a new movement that I am unaware about=p 

I often wondered why are there so many disagreements 
between the different religions.

Aren't they all trying to achieve the same thing?
 World peace. Happiness. 
or something along those lines.

Granted that every religion has their unique method of reaching their goals
and I have deep respect of all their practices.

Have you ever wondered whether there is a possibility 
all the religion came from the same source?

 But, because of the different 
era, culture, language, perception, etc..
the same idea may have been changed/incorporated 
into the various culture.

What do you think?


Using me as an example:

I am one person 
but I mean different things to different people  

1. Daughter 
One of my important role that I was born with=p

2. Sister
With my brother

With my sister

The only 2 people till date who have seen and know 
possibly all my embarrassing and disgusting moments.
*You can imagine all kinds of blackmails I have to endure=P*   

I do my best as a sister. 
To be a role model, a positive influence, a helping hand, a shoulder for them to cry on.
But, I know I am the occasional pain in the arse and sometimes disappointment to them.

I. am. only. human.
Forgive me=P 

3. Fashionista
Really or not?
 Some of you may know me as the girl with a blog, who plays dress up. 
Which, btw, I love doing when i am in the mood.

3. University Student
 Some may know me as the hard working psychology student
*the hard working part is highly dubious though=P*

Last, semester to go! Yay!

4. A Mother Figure

Some people say I give them the motherly feel.
This is very possibly contributed by my naggy nature.

A mother figure who happens to be a serial nagger!

Can't help that I care so much right?=P
*Feel my sincerity?*

There are still many more different roles that I have.
Too long to write down.

I mean different things to different people.
For each of my roles, I use different ways to fulfill that role.
But, essentially I am the same sweet person=p

Correct or not?

So, coming back to the main topic.

We should not be finding the differences.
Why focus on differences when you can focus in finding the similarities???

Make peace. Not war.
Because, in the end, 
Everyone wants to achieve happiness in life.

However, the journey there is up to us to decide.

The decision is yours.

What do you think of the post?
 Let me hear your thoughts=D



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