Friday, 2 August 2013

It is FINALLY over! Hurray!

Hello everyone! 
Finally I have the time to update 
and hopefully get some of my youth back=p

So drama right...

Well, I was not able to update more frequently
due to the fact that I had a THICK arse thesis to write!

Wrote crazy 40 pages long 
(it's kinda more of a 35 pages=p) 

Maybe to some of you it is not a lot
But for me...
It is really the longest paper I have written ALL BY MYSELF!

The amount of academic journals I had to read!

For those of you who don't know,
I am a psychology major
and I just finished my final year thesis
Which I wrote about Psychological contract
I definitely will not bore everyone with the extremely wordy explanation of that.
However, it is a pretty interesting topic, go read if you are interested=D

I am extremely glad that I finished the entire thing 
that I had to blog about my excitement!

Time to party baby!!!


I seriously cannot remember the last time I went partying...
It has been that long...

First, I need to recover from my sleepless nights 
that i had to finish my paper.

I have to admit 
I am a serial procrastinator!

I had ample time to write my paper but I had to wait till the last moment
I kinda adopted a not so healthy attitude.

Although, I do seem to produce better quality work 
when i am under pressure


It's a bad habit...
Don't follow!

Well, I am ecstatic that it is over
Now, lets just hope I did ok...
***Teeth Clenching Tension***   

I will updating soon=D

Let's think about what to achieve this month of August!

It's August already! 

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