Thursday, 22 August 2013

Going away=D

Hello everyone.

Just a short update

I will be leaving for Singapore today.
Spending my weekend there.

Not for fun though
I do miss the the rides at Universal Studio
especially the Transformer one.
It's a must try ride if you are ever there.
The queue is loooong but it is definitely worth it=D

I will be there for a youth training,
which I know will be absolutely amazing=D
Can't wait!!!

Have a great weekend y'all.
Enjoy it.

On unrelated news,

Wentworth Miller

The guy from Prison Break has just confirm he is gay.

Ohhhhh Whyyyyyyyy!!!! 

This is just a sad day for us ladies
Don't you think so???

He is awesome in Prison Break.
I highly recommend you watching it if you haven't=D

But, I am happy that he come out while standing up for gay rights in Russia.
Go read about it.
It is all over the internet.

Oh well ladies,
too bad for us=(

But, at least we can still look.

Have a great weekend!

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