Sunday, 4 August 2013

Floral Sun Dress

How is the beginning of August treating you???

It is starting off to be a great month for me...
If you read my previous post,
you know I just finished my final year thesis
**Phew...What a relieve**

So, I am kinda having a mini holiday now 
Gotta start going back to work---Full time soon
*Money don't grow on trees! Dad shouting at background*

 I will be entering another stage in life
I am kinda excited at the same time scare

Change is good
But, it can be scary sometimes no?
We, humans are such habitual mammals 
Change can be challenging

So, don't you go expecting your 
BF/GF/Husband/Wife etc etc
to change overnight!
If you dont want them to get tired of you
Do cut them some slack and give them time to change
But...Not soooo much time.
You be the judge=D

A simple sweet outfit post 
to start my sweet August!

Floral Dress | Forever 21
Loafer Flats | ZARA (severely overused!=p)

Remember change is always needed to improve ourselves=D

No one can do it for you
You have to make that journey of change by yourself

It will be tough
But I have a good feeling you will be able to persevere=D

We are after all, the smartest being alive, we will find a way

**P/S: I can't wait for my 1st trip to Bangkok with my sis next month! Woohoo!

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